O'Really? O'Reilly

BEL exposes the liberal in the conservative. It's what we do.

* Bill O'Reilly Is A Liberal: Bob Enyart occasionally airs O'Really O'Reilly segments exposing the liberal factor in (the former Fox News Channel's) Bill O'Reilly, who gets mad at God; opposes the death penalty; believes in Darwinian evolution; opposes spanking; supports legalized killing of unborn children; promotes homosexual rights including civil unions and two lesbians or two homosexual men adopting children; supports government schools; authored tawdry sex scenes; voyeuristically exposes sexually exploited teenagers; supports the gag rule against churches disenfranchising pastors; prays for the dead; claims Hindus and Buddhists go to heaven; says God may have created homosexuals “that way;” and if a rapist impregnates a woman, O’Reilly supports killing the baby but would protect the rapist. See more here and here.