Signer: Barney Franklin

Some prominent conservatives are objecting, in the wake of 9/11, to the use of facial-recognition software, valuable crime-fighting tool. If today’s conservatives had been present when the Declaration of Independence was drawn up, would they have sought to hide behind pseudonyms, say, Barney Franklin?  Or Samuel Coors, Jefferson Hemmings?  Bob refers to misguided statements by terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui’s mother as an opportunity to explain repentance, forgiveness, and the death penalty.  Moussaoui should receive the death penalty for murder because God commands it, and because we do not have standing to forgive crimes against others. Bob asks further whether person in heaven would want to avenge or forgive his unrepentant murderer; the Bible says the righteous rejoice when God avenges. An Indiana caller reports “a missing classroom yesterday,” discussing local pro-lifers’ efforts to stem the tide of abortion. Their statistics show the local clinic performed 810 abortions this year, but they also know of 13 babies saved. "Global warming" was highlighted recently by a 7-foot snow in Buffalo and a deep freeze in Florida and Europe. A Kansas caller comments that alarmists ironically attribute winter extremes to global warming.  Bob responds that God created weather patterns with natural and seasonal variations and stability apart from man's activity.