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Bob Enyart Debates: Who won a debate? Both sides often claim victory, but when afterward, only one side promotes the debate, that's evidence that perhaps only one side really thinks it prevailed. Atheism, big bang, evolution, theistic evolution, physics, conservatives (we expose the liberal in the conservative), economics, national sales tax, Islam, polygamy, pot, pro-aborts, homosexuals, theology, open theism, the Sabbath, drinking alcohol, eschatology and preterism, etc. If you recall another formal or informal BEL debate, please feel free to suggest that by emailing Thanks!

* Evolution / Creation / Big Bang: Lawrence Krauss, Eugenie Scott, Aron Ra, Michael Shermer (also spats with Jack Horner, PZ Myers, Phil Plait, NASA's senior astrobiologist, Newsweek's reporters, Jerry Coyne, etc.)
* Theistic Evolution and Old Earth Believers: Reasons to Believe geophysicist, acclaimed UK author, John Stocker, etc.
* General Atheism: Reginald Finely, Zakath, John Henderson, Staks Rosch, TOL's Fool, Michael Newdow, etc.
* Conservatives: Exposing their inner liberal. Ann Coulter, Stu Epperson, Michael Brown, Dan Caplis, Greg Koukl, Dan Gilgoff, Tom Tancredo, etc.
* Hollywood Celebrities: Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, rapper Sisqo, Donny Osmond, Martin Short, Judd Nelson, and pornographer Larry Flynt.
* Lawyers: KHOW's Dan Caplis, the Federalist Society, AUL, and "The Trouble with Lawyers"
* Liberals: Barry Lynn x3 and Newsweek's Lisa Miller
* Libertarians: Gary Nolan candidate for presidential nomination, Kevin Craig candidate for Missouri U.S. Representative, Michelle McIntyre & Kerry Morgan on States' Rights, and Ilana Mercer on America invading Iraq.
* Economics: Bob opposes a National (and any) Sales Tax debating national spokespersons Ken Hoagland and Neal Boortz.
* Other Religions: Bob's secret recording with Jehovah's Witnesses; talk with a Muslim.
* Sexual Immorality / Homosexuality: Polygamy, Public Nudity, Homosexual Activist Wayne Besen, Gregory Flood, moral relativist apologist Greg Koukl, etc.
* Criminal Justice / Death Penalty / War: Bob defends the death penalty on Court TV, and the use of lethal force in war, etc.
* Pro-life Moral Relativists: AFA's Bryan Fischer, AUL's Paul Linton, CWA's Robert Knight, National RTL's Board, STR's Greg Koukl, NRTL's Political Director, a US News & World Report editor, Focus on the Family's Washington State Affiliate, etc.
* Theology: Keeping the Sabbath, Drinking Alcohol, Dispensationalism, Eschatology/Preterism, Catholicism, Calvinism, James White vs. Bob Enyart on Open Theism, King James Onlyism, etc.
* The Pro-Aborts (child killers): Ilana Goldman (see just below, our sample excerpt from YouTube), Peggy Loonan, Colorado's No-on-48 campaign on C-SPAN and its infamous late-term Boulder abortionist Warren Hern, etc.

* The Calvinists: This 2-minute video documents the James White vs. Bob Enyart debate aftermath involving R.C. Sproul Jr., as excerpted from the full debate video, below:


Bob Enyart Debates Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss emphasis on the theoretical on his Universe from Nothing.
Google: big bang predictions. We're ranked #1 of 800k pages! (NASA, et al., say fulfilled predictions confirm the theory)
Google: evidence against the big bang. We're at #1 of a million pages!
Google: big bang evidence. They switch us between page 1 & 2 of results! (and all of these rebut Krauss)

Bob's Post-Debate Chat with DU's Barlock: Leon Gonzales recorded this 8-minute cell phone video at the conclusion of a debate he attended between creationist Bill Jack and a Denver University evolutionist Travis Barlock. Gonzales started recording just as Bob had informed Barlock that, as you can see at, Travis' favorite evidence for whale evolution, a tail, and flippers, has been withdrawn in a video interview by Dr. Philip Gingerich, the Rodhocetus discoverer himself...

Bob Debates Michael Shermer the founder of the Skeptics Society who, though he is an editor of Scientific American, denied that the Sun is a "light" (in order to claim that the Bible is wrong on its first page for saying that the Sun is a light). This illustrates the atheist zero-concession policy.

"That is a good argument against evolution", said no atheist ever.

Bob Debates Famed Anti-Creationist Aron Ra on air on KGOV and in writing on Britain's League of Reason site.

Bob Debates Leading Anti-Creationist Eugenie Scott founder of the Nat'l Center for Science Education.

Bob Debates Entropy and Evolution which debate attracted an American Journal of Physics author.

Bob Debates a University of California Ophthalmology Professor Dr. Gary Aguilar on the evolution of the eye.

Bob and a caller discuss evolution and genetic information for seven quick minutes...

SPATS: You may also enjoy Bob Enyart's spats...
- Jack Horner rejects our $23,000 offer to carbon date his soft tissue T. rex
- NASA astrobiologist Mary Voytek admits water is the enemy of abiogenesis
Jerry Coyne reknowned evolutionist confused over horizontal gene transfer
- Discover magazine's astronomer Phil Plait confused over his own terminilogy
PZ Myers admits he can't give even a rough explanation for the trochlea, the seething hate of atheists, and spam entrapment
- Newsweek magazine's 99.86% of scientists, Lisa Miller, and Nina Burleigh
- And by honorable mention, Stephen Hawking.
And while this isn't an RSR spat, we do analyze the debate between Bill Nye the Scientism Guy and Ken Ham and we respectfully critique Ken Ham's diminishing of historical forensic science.


Bob Debates Hannam on Theistic Evolution acclaimed British author of God's Philosophers James Hannam.

Bob Debates the Age of the Earth vs. Reasons to Believe's geophysicist and mathematician members.

Resurrection Fellowship's John Stocker on the Age of the Earth with fellow Colorado pastor DBC's Bob Enyart.

* Bob on the Pepperdine Campus:  Bob Enyart warned Pepperdine students about theistic evolution on their Malibu campus in the summer of 2015. See for the event details or just check out Bob's presentation here:

BEL Resource: Have you browsed our Science Department in the KGOV Store? You may want to check it out!


Bob Debates Atheist Reginald Finley

Battle Royale VII: Does God Exist? Bob Enyart vs. Zakath (TOL's resident atheist) See there Science in Scripture.

Bob Debates Atheist Dr. John Henderson

RSR: Atheist Dan Barker Exists, He Thinks

Metro State Atheist Joel Guttormson on BEL

I Sold My Soul on BEL

Atheist Michael Newdow on BEL

An Atheist (Fool) Debates Bob on God's Rights

Bob Debates Staks Rosch of Dangerous Talk

And Debates with Atheists: Lawrence Krauss, Eugenie Scott, Aron Ra, Michael Shermer, etc.
And Spats with Atheists: Jack Horner, PZ Myers, Phil Plait, Stump (the Professor), Jerry Coyne.
and from Denver radio there's Stump the Professor and host Peter Boyles (but just on his confusion over NAZI gun confiscation).


CONSERVATIVES: We expose the liberal in the conservative

Bob Enyart Debates Famed Apologist Greg Koukl Bob demonstrates that his Christian brother Greg Koukl is, tragically, a moral relativist who supports child killers as long as they have an 'R' after their name.

Greg Koukl on some "fabulous" homosexual couples (a tragic, tragic BEL program)

Enyart Debates Denver Radio's Dan Caplis

Debating a Conservative Federalist Society Lawyer conservative attorney Mark Smith debates Bob on the Federalist Society.

On air with Michael Brown on his Line of Fire about Mitt Romney (or from here)

On air and off with Stu Epperson & Epperson OK w the IRS Church Gag Rule

Bob vs syndicated talk show host Stu Epperson re Rudy Giuliani

Bob Debates Pot with former Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo

Bob Debates a "conservative" US News & World Report editor on the PBA "ban"

Bob Debates Pot on the Huffington Post; etc. (Google: negative effects of marijuana. We're nearing page one!) 

Ann Coulter's Guilty, and Hangs Up (and our own site.

Spats: ESPN & MLB World Series MVP Curt Schilling.


KHOW's Dan Caplis on anti-abortion protest tactics

Bob Debates Americans United for Life and their Paul Linton on personhood

Bob Debates Mark Smith, a conservative Christian (actually, a leftist) Federalist Society lawyer, on populism and the undermining of good principles of governance

The Trouble with Lawyers: Bob vs. the Publicans (predecessors of the re-publicans)

Meme: Why Liberals are confusedLIBERALS

Bob debates Barry Lynn

Bob vs. Barry Lynn re: Homosexual "Marriage"

Barry Lynn and Enyart Debate Free Speech

Newsweek's Lisa Miller on their cover story on the Bible and homosexual "marriage"


Gary Nolan candidate for Libertarian Party presidential nomination

Bob debates Ron Paul Supporters

Kevin Craig candidate for Missouri U.S. Representative

Kerry Lee Morgan on States' Rights

Bob Debates Michelle McIntyre on States' Rights

Barry Lynn and Enyart Debate Free Speech

Bob vs. Ilana Mercer on America invading Iraq


Bob debates the stars, on ABC's Politically Correct with Bill MaherHOLLYWOOD CELEBS: See Bob on ABC's Politically Correct
Bob vs. Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, filthy rapper Sisqo, Donny Osmond, Martin Short, Judd Nelson, and pornographer Larry Flynt. And there you'll see Bob also vs. Victoria Jackson, Marilu Henner, Dennis Weaver, Aisha Tyler, Veronica Webb, Ruby Wax, Lynn Redgrave, Cherie Carter Scott,
Armin Brott, Colleen Haskell, and Jeffrey Tambor.

ECONOMICS: National Sales Tax

Ken Hoagland vs. Bob on Nat'l Sales Tax Bob Enyart wins and the national sales tax loses debating its lead proponent.

Neal Boortz vs. Bob on a National Sales Tax and the national sales taxes loses again as Bob debates its #2 guy.


Secret Recording of Bob Enyart talking to Jehovah's Witnesses

Bob talks to a Muslim, Sidney from Chicago

THE PRO-ABORTS: Child Killers

Pro-Choice Ilana Goldman on BEL (no longer one of the "eight women to watch")

Kathleen Draws Straws, Get's Bob: and Fred Draws Straws, Gets Bob Too

Rev. Fred Doubts God, Believes in Abortion: Bob debates Fred about Exodus 21:22-23.

Abortionist Warren Hern: Published excerpt from Bob's interview with late-term Boulder, Colorado abortionist

Colorado's No-on-48 Campaign: on C-SPAN

Bob Debates Pro-Abort Peggy Loonan: Bob debates this child killing advocate

PRO-LIFE MORAL RELATIVISTS: Excepts, Regulations, etc.

World Mag's Lynn Vincent Debates Bob: Vincent uses the pages of World Magazine to mislead Christians regarding the brutally wicked partial-birth abortion ruling

Enyart's Unauthorized Recording of a Nat'l RTL Board Meeting

National Right To Life on BEL: Bob Debates NRTL's political director Brian Johnston

Bob Debates Stand to Reason's Greg Koukl: Shockingly, the beloved Greg Koukl turns out to be a moral relativist who's support for Republican child killers can give those politicians a false sense of security regarding the children that they themselves approve of killing.

Larry Bates Debates Bob on Do Not Murder * Deconstructing the DeBates

Focus on the Family's Washington Affiliate Debates Bob: Bob Enyart debates Russell Johnson at the Family Policy Institute of Washington.

Michelle McIntyre Debates Bob on States' Rights

Bob Debates U.S. News & World Report Editor: Bob Enyart debates Dan regarding Gilgoff's delusional claim that evangelicals are winning America's culture war.

Colorado RTL Debates Fetal Pain with LifeNews Steven Ertelt


Newsweek's Lisa Miller on BEL: Prior to Newsweek's Fall, Bob proves that Miller misrepresented the Bible.

Bob Debates Homosexual Author Gregory Flood

Bob Debates a Naked Belizean on the Absurd Nudism Movement

Homosexual Wayne Besen on BEL

Bob Debates Homosexual Jon Rauch

Bob Debates Homosexual Marriage with Barry Lynn

Bob Debates Pastor Brian Cox on Sin (with a tragic outcome after the debate)

Debate Over the Idea of Church Youth Groups on BEL

Greg Koukl Christian apologist on some "fabulous" homo couples

Polygamist Leland Freeborn Debates Bob Enyart: Well-known polygamist Leland Freeborn debates Christian pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church.


On Court TV: Enyart advocates the death penalty for Scott Peterson and for every convicted murderer.

Bob Debates the Principles of War with The American View's John Lofton and they also discuss Israel.


Bob & Will Duffy vs. Will Kinney on the King James Only claim. During the debate the 1611 translators themselves, in a stunning historical moment and unexpectedly to say the least, came forward to testify by written affadavit.

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? Bob Debates Keeping the Sabbath with a Seventh Day Adventist.

Bob's Calvinism Debate with a Reformed Seminary President Bob Enyart and Dr. Larry Bray in a great written debate.

The North American Reformed Seminary president Dr. Larry Bray debates open theism with Bob Enyart in a written debate.

BEL's Broadcast and Analysis of the James White vs Bob Enyart Open Theism Debate or you watch the full debate here:

A Church of Christ Preacher on BEL Debating Alcohol: Pastor Bob defends the Bible's teaching that drunkenness is a sin but responsibly drinking alcohol including wine is a blessing.

Bob Debates Open Theism with Ed Taylor, pastor of Calvary Chapel Aurora.

Bob Debates Arranged Marriage

Open Theism: Is the Future Settled or Open? Bob in a written debate vs. Dr. Samuel Lamerson who teaches New Testament at D. James Kennedy's Knox Theological Seminary

Screenshot of Enyart debates on TheologyOnline with numbers of views

Bob Debates Gene Cook on Open Theism: Gene Cook pastors Covenant Baptist Church of San Diego and with Bob he debates the topic, Is the Future Settled or Open?

David Reynolds says Enyart and Duffy always win their debates

Caller Debate: Does God Have Libertarian Free Will?: Millions of Christians have been taught that man does not have libertarian free will (a double redundancy). Yet few have been taught the rest of the story: Calvinism teaches also that God does not have libertarian free will.

Gary Demar Debates Preterism and Dispensationalism with Bob Enyart

Bob Debates Pastor Cox on Sin (two years before the pastor's wife left him for a lesbian)

Bob Debates a Roman Catholic

Bob Debates a Calvinist Pastor on Predestination: You can get your own copy of this historic event, perhaps the first-ever televised debate on predestination and free willl. Just click to get this on DVD or Blu-ray to share with others, or you can watch it right here:


Bob's First Debate: One weekday evening in 1968 before a classroom filled with parents of 4th graders at St. Anthony's grammar school in Hawthorne, New Jersey, nine-year-old Bob argued the importance of America fighting the Vietnam War. Forward a half-century later and as discussed at, the main reason we fought was to oppose the spread of international communism (by which governments have slaughtered tens of millions of their own people and robbed hundreds of millions more of their prosperity, liberty, and human dignity). So when Vietnam became the last country to fall to communism, in that vital sense, the sacrifice of our servicemen may very well have preserved liberty for hundreds of millions of people, almost none of whom have any idea whose blood bought their freedom.

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