Rev. Fred Doubts God, Believes in Abortion

* Reverend Fred Debates Bob: based on Exodus 21:22-23, the Rev. Fred (last name and city withheld on request) claims that the Bible does not prohibit abortion. This Exodus passage about criminal justice describes a physical assault that causes collateral damage to a pregnant woman and injuries her unborn child. If the passage describes a miscarriage, then this pro-abortion interpretation has some justification; if the passage describes a premature birth, then this passage advocates the death penalty for a criminal who causes the death of an unborn child (like Laci Peterson's son Conner).

* Exodus 21:22 Speaks of Premature Birth: and does not use the Hebrew word for miscarriage, which is shaw-kole. If Moses had used the term miscarriage, meaning the baby came out dead, and then required only a monetary fine as the law there commands, that could indicate a less than human value for the life of the fetus. However, because Exodus 21:22 speaks of pre-mature birth, the passage does not teach a lesser value for the life of an unborn child, as contended by those who misunderstand this text. The author Moses mentions the idea of a baby coming out of the womb twice within three chapters. In Exodus 23:26, he uses the Hebrew word for miscarriage, speaking of barrenness and shaw-kole (miscarriage). But the word at Exodus 21:22 is not the word for miscarriage, but is yaw-tsaw, and means to come out, come forth, bring forth, and has no connotation of death but in fact the opposite. The Hebrew Scriptures use yaw-tsaw 1,043 times beginning with Genesis 1:24 where God said, "Let the earth bring forth the living creature..." In Genesis and Exodus alone Moses uses this word about 150 times such as in Genesis 25 describing the births of twins Jacob and Esau. Thus the Mosaic law requires that the criminal only pay financial restitution to the pregnant woman whom he injured if she " gives birth prematurely," but that he pay with his life if harm follows, and the unborn child dies, "life for life."

* Scripture Teaches Sanctity of Unborn Life
:  Psalm 139 speaks of the marvelous work of God forming the child in the womb. The New Testament reports the circumstance of two unborn children who came within proximity of each other, and sensing the presence of the baby Jesus who was developing within Mary, the little unborn John the Baptist leaped in his mother's womb for joy. Pro-choice child-killers such as the Rev. Fred overlook such awesome biblical pictures of the unborn child.

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