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Welcome to Real Science Radio: Co-hosts Fred Williams and Doug McBurney talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, math, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. The RSR Archive contains our popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

RSR airs every Friday at 3pm MST on AM 670 KLTT in Denver, Colorado. For rebroadcast times and podcast platforms, see our Affiliates page.

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Rocky Mtn Creation Fellowship on Population

* Does the World's Population Support Creation or Evolution: Real Science Radio on population growth and carbon 14. Dr. Ed Boudreaux, the president of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship, demonstrates to Bob Enyart why the world's current population, the missing billions of buried human remains, and standard human population growth equations, all support a young earth. Those in the Denver area can attend RMCF meetings on the second Friday of each month! On January 8th, RSR co-host Fred Williams is presenting the best of creation arguments!

* Do Your Own Figuring: First there was the abortion Exceptions Calculator, and now there's this Population Calculator.

Global Cooling -- The BOOK!

The Cooling by Lowell Ponte* Anti-Climactic Release of Global Warming Emails: Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney crack up over the unauthorized release of internal emails between Europe's top global warming the-end-is-near doomsday prophet scientists. Check this out in Britain's The Guardian newspaper: "Pretending the climate email leak isn't a crisis won't make it go away." Ha!

* Bob and Doug Discuss The Cooling: Book of the Month (or of the mammoth?): The Cooling, by Skeptic (atheist) Magazine's Lowell Ponte on global cooling! Ha!

The Cooling jacket * See More 1970s Cooling Scare: RSR suggests purusing this global cooling Real Science page :)

* Walter Hoye Coming to Colorado! Big news! The sponsor of the California Personhood Amendment, Pastor Walter Hoye, is coming to Colorado to speak at the Dec. 6th dinner (at the fabulous Cinzetti's Italian Restaurant) to support Colorado's 2010 Personhood signature drive! It's $75 per adult so please come to hear one of Bob Enyart's heroes, Walter Hoye, and to support Guabe GarciaThe Cooling, chapter 7: Politics of Global Cooling Jones and Leslie Hanks, the hard-working co-sponsors of the amendment, in their effort to raise much needed funds to pay for more blank petitions, mailings, and everything needed to activate another 300 petition circulators!

* Help Personhood Efforts Get Signatures: If you live in Colorado, could you help circulate the Personhood Colorado & CRTL 2010 petition? We need your help! If you live in any other state, can you help to advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways?

RSR: 500 of 1,000 Dinosaurs Go Poof

* Real Science Radio Does Creation Magazine: Listen in as Real Science Radio co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams enjoy more articles from the Sept. 2009 Creation magazine! Bob and Fred highly recommend that you subscribe to this full-color, glossy, extraordinarily enjoyable, educational publication.

* 500 of 1,000 Dinosaurs Go Poof: Illustrating the magnitude of problems introduced by evolutionists in their rush to publish, in one project, an analysis of "more than 1,000 named dinosaurs [reduced the actual number] to 500 or so," said University of Bristol paleontologist Michael Benton. Move over brontosaurus, you suddenly have a lot of company! See also at CMI.

* 2012 & 2013 Updates: Not only did paleontologists overcount the number of dinosaur species by at least double, as on RSR and as reported in the journal Biology Letters in October 2012, they also greatly overestimated the weight of dinosaurs. Instead of Brachiosaurus weighing 80 tons, for example, it is now carefully calculated that it would have weighed about 23 tons. Reducing the numbers and weight of dinosaur kinds also reduces the demand on Noah's ark (and family)! See also famed paleontologist Jack Horner, who we at RSR offered a grant of $23,000 to carbon date one of his soft-tissue T. rex bones:

* 140-million Year Old Spider Web: Surprise, surprise, surprise! The BBC and National Geographic report on a 140-million year old spider web in amber which, lo and behold, shows threads that resemble silk spun by modern spiders, leading scientists to express surprise "that spider webs have stayed the same for 140 million years." Ha! See also the BBC.

* Cornea Blindness in One Eye Cured: Wow! People who were blind in one eye from corneal damage have been cured by researchers who noninvasively and gently brush some stem cells off the patient's good eye and transfer them to the bad eye merely by wiping them onto the inside a contact lens. Wow! "This is just one of many proven treatments from adult stem cell research!" See also Science Daily.

* 9 Billion Years of Missing Metal in Spiral Galaxies
: Okay, so some people don't like heavy metal, but hey, who chucked nine billion years worth? Fifteen spiral galaxies need to be carded at the door. They're supposed to be older, but they just don't look it. See also

RSR: Evo Devo -- Darwin's Other Shoe

* Waiting for it to Drop: And it's a really big shoe! Is Evo Devo killing Natural Selection? Listen in as Real Science Radio co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams enjoy the September 2009 Creation magazine! The pro-evolution magazine New Scientist rejected one of Darwin's two major theories when they published their cover story: Darwin Was Wrong about the Tree of Life, which theory they indicated was as important as his theory of Natural Selection, because without Darwin's Tree of Life developmental pathway theory, his idea of Natural Selection would never have been accepted, they say.

New Scientist cover* Why have evolutionists turned against Darwin's Tree of Life? Because of the thousands of species genetically evaluated, more than half are clearly not the product of a developmental biological pathway represented by a tree (or a bush, or any other hierarchical scheme for that matter). Now the second shoe is dangling. Geneticists have found the basic blueprint for the overall animal kingdom in virtually every creature they've investigated! Now Darwin's second shoe is about to drop. For if evolution were true, then by the genetic mapping of the animal kingdom, it is becoming obvious that millions of years before creatures with structures like eyes, hearts and limbs had evolved, the sophisticated regulatory genes that develop those structures had already come into existence! Ironically, survival of the fittest will see the death of the unfit theory of Darwinism, because by the relentless march of scientific observation, countless evolutionists will be compelled to admit that it simply does not fit the evidence. And thus: Darwin Was Wrong about Natural Selection! For if evolution were true, then sophisticated regulatory genes appeared 50 million years before they were needed. So there would have been simply no role for a selection-for-survival mechanism. Normally, it's three strikes and you're out. But Darwin's dead, so he only gets two.

* July 2012 Update on Evolutionists Doubting Natural Selection: At CMI, see the section in Dominic Statham's article on the Altenberg 16 for a brief account of leading evolutionists who are beginning to admit that Natural Selection cannot explain biological diversity.

* Kangaroos: The director of Australia's Kangaroo Genomics Centre, Jenny Graves, says that, "There [are] great chunks of the human genome… sitting right there in the kangaroo genome." And the 20,000 genes in the kangaroo (roughly the same number as in humans) are "largely the same" as in people, and Graves adds, "a lot of them are in the same order!" CMI's Creation editors add that, "unlike chimps, kangaroos are not supposed to be our 'close relatives.'"

RSR: 2009 List of Not So Old Things

Annual Tradition: We update this every year, so for the latest, just visit

REAL SCIENCE RADIO - This growing list of scientific observations contains items that even old-earth geologists now admit did not form over millions of years, but rapidly. As reported by's Real Science Radio hosts CRS webmaster Fred Williams and Bob Enyart, many of these scientific finds demand a re-evaluation of supposed million-year ages:

* Soft Tissue T-Rex: Montana State University found soft tissue in a supposedly 65-million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex thighbone that remain supple: see startling photos!

* Scablands: cover thousands of square miles of eastern Washington and against fierce geologists claims of slow formation over millions of years, there is now overwhelming evidence as presented even in a NOVA TV show that the Scablands formed rapidly from catastrophic, regional flooding.

RSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson in Studio

One of many repair mechanisms* CRSQ Editor Kevin Anderson on Real Science Radio: Wow! Hear about the latest scientific findings on the human genome, junk DNA, antibiotic resistance, and our genes being read forward and backward, from Dr. Kevin Anderson! If you enjoy celebrating the creative genius of our God, you'll just love hearing the microbiologist editor-in-chief of Creation Research Society Quarterly, a refereed scientific journal, talk in studio with Bob Enyart about the latest in genetics!

* Other Kevin Anderson RSR Interviews: You may also enjoy:
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* Personhood Pro-lifer Gunned Down in Michigan: Jim Poullion, Christian pro-life activist with Flip Benham's Operation Save America and fellow worker and friend of Cal Zastrow, Personhood USA and Michigan Citizens for Life, was murdered this morning by a 33-year old Michigan man angered by anti-abortion signs. Jim was holding a poster-sized photo of a baby boy, Jeremy Trewhella, emblazoned with the single word LIFE in front of the Owosso High School when he was killed by Harlan Drake, whom the police later arrested after Drake had murdered another person. The poster carried by Poullion, ubiquitous at pro-life events, is of the son of pro-life hero and personhood advocate Matt Trewhella, longtime director of Missionaries to the Preborn.

RSR and Jurassic Park Paleontologist Jack Horner

Dr. Jack Horner declines sizable financial donation
to Carbon-14 date dinosaur bone.

* RSR & Paleontologist Jack Horner: Listen in as RSR co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams enjoy the Summer 2009 Creation magazine and the two air Bob's recorded conversation with paleontologist Jack Horner, curator at Montana State University's Museum of the Rockies, who excavated that soft-tissue T-Rex! Bob offered Jack Horner a $23,000 grant (see grant letter below).

* Motors in 'Simple' Cells Synchronized! Yes, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, not only do 'simple' cells have outboard motor-like flagella but it turns out, they are coordinated so that they can pull in one direction, switch into reverse, and then pull forward again! God is amazing!

* Hear Bob Enyart & Jack Horner: (2011 Update! The peer-reviewed journal PLoS One reported that the carbon in an allegedly 80-million year old mosasaur is five percent carbon-14!) Taking Fred's suggestion the co-hosts aired Bob's fascinating phone conversation with Jack Horner who is the real-life person whom the Jurassic Park scientist John Hammond is modeled after. And sure enough, Jack is the scientist who excavated the soft-tissue T-Rex! (He's also the evolutionist who's trying to coax chickens to grow dinosaur tails.) Bob offered Jack Horner $23,000 to Carbon 14 date the specimen (see the grant offer below). Jack said that he would speak to Mary Schweitzer, but he ultimately turned down the offer :( .

Bob Blogs with Agnostic Santi Farella

* Santi A. Farella of Prometheus Unbound! Santi blogged about the American RTL YouTube video The Ann Coulter Hang-ups, which partly thanks to him :) is nearing 40,000 views. He wrote, "On the Far Right, Ann Coulter and Mitt Romney Are Not Conservative Enough!" You bet your life (especially if your less than nine months old :). To which Bob replied:

* Prometheus, Do You Realize: that God made us and that we are accountable to Him? -Bob Enyart

* Bob, I’m Happy to Concede: that we are living within an ontological mystery, but could you offer me some justification for your claim that “God made us.” How do you know this? Secondly, I’d like to ask you a personal question: When you doubt, what is it exactly that you doubt? –Santi