Real Climate Change with Dr. Paul Homan Part III

*Join Dr. Homan for some R&R this Summer:  Paul Homan, PhD will be a featured speaker throughout the Officer's Christian Fellowship Summer R&R events running June 8-25th 2024. Spend your summer vacation at the Beautiful White Sulphur Springs Resort in rural Pennsylvania with Dr. Homan and his family.

*Not Just Your Average Weatherman: Dr. Homan received his PhD from the Naval Postgraduate School, he’s married to Janeé, and a father of 4. (And he spoke at the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship just this past Friday)! He recently retired as a Lt Colonel & Director of Meteorology at the Air Force Academy, and divides his time these days between playing in the snow and serving with his wife as field staff for the Officer’s Christian Fellowship at the Academy.
*The Presentation: Follow along with Dr. Homan's slides for an enlightening, fact based, and easy to understand explanation of what warms the planet, why, and how much.
*Door County Coffee: get yourself some Door County Coffee, tee-up the show and tell us what you think!
*God is in Control: Find out how the technological advances often blamed for climate change have contributed to blessing the world, (especially the third world) and to the preaching of the gospel around the world.