Who Cares About Creation Science?

*Interesting Fact of the Week: What animal can make 276 facial expressions? (Don't ask how they are tallied...)? Surprisingly, it's not the obvious answer: the camel. Tune it to find out!
*Why Are We Here? This week we ask the question that philosophers, adolescents and too many college professors struggle with, many for a lifetime. And we ask it of the Creation Science Field writ large, and the Real Science Radio ministry!
*Fred Checks the Facts: Hear Fred's testimony and how creation science (and Bob Enyart Live) were a part of his conversion to Christ!
*Train Up a Child: In Doug's testimony he cites the fact his mom and dad taught him a literal interpretation of Genesis from the cradle as instrumental in leading him to salvation.
*And on Bass... Real Science Radio welcomes Kurt Rushlow, Christian, Navy Vet and Bassist for ThumpWhistle in San Jose. He’s currently working on a degree at Southern Evangelical Seminary.  Kurt is known as an amateur apologist, a Bible Believer, and an autodidact.

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*The Dinos Take it!: Hear how one our favorite topics, Dinosaur soft tissue was one piece of evidence that helped lead a fellow like Kurt to seriously consider the truth of the Bible, God's Law, and GOOD NEWS of the offer of salvation from Jesus Christ.