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Welcome to Real Science Radio: Co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, math, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. The RSR Archive contains our popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

40-year Academia Veteran Corroborates RSR Criticism

Double PhD Dr. Jerry Bergman* Firsthand Report from Dr. Jerry Bergman : Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart gets an insiders view from a double-PhD 40-year veteran of the world of academia exposing the absurdities and anti-scientific biases of America's colleges and universities. So, even more than in the past, young people should consider alternatives to college, including for men, a trade or apprenticeship, and for women, marriage, and pregnancy (in that order, and, just to be clear, that last suggestion comes from Enyart. :)

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Human Chromosome 2 Is Not Two Fused Chimp Chromosomes
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Hitler and the NAZI Darwinian Worldview
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Evolutionary Naturalism is an ancient idea (and co-discoverer of Natural Selection) 
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- C.S. Lewis: Anti-Darwinis
Poor Design: An invalid argument against Intelligent Design
- Useless Organs: The rise and fall of a central claim of evolution
Bergman on Eisenhower: WWII was Creation vs. Evolution
40-year Academia Veteran Corroborates RSR Criticism (this show)

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Bergman on Eisenhower: WWII was Creation vs. Evolution!

Bergman's book cover: God in Eisenhower’s Life, Military Career, and PresidencyGuess who won? Bob Enyart interviews double PhD Jerry Bergman on his latest book, God in Eisenhower’s Life, Military Career, and Presidency. It's a history of the influence of religion in his life and leadership as WWII Supreme Allied Commander and President of the United States.

* RSR Bergman Interviews and Shows Using His Research:
- Bergman on Bats and Bellybuttons
Jerry Bergman on Slaughter of the Dissidents
- Slaughter of the Dissidents Author Slaughtered
- RSR's List of Whale Evolution Problems (with Bergman research)
The Origin of Fish by Jerry Bergman
- "Vestigial" Organs Are Fully Functional
Darwinism: The universal acid
- How Darwinism Corrodes Morality & Pt. 2
Human Chromosome 2 Is Not Two Fused Chimp Chromosomes
- Origin of Human Language (and Part 2)
Hitler and the NAZI Darwinian Worldview
- The Origin of Trees (with JB research)
Evolutionary Naturalism is an ancient idea 
- RSR's Problems with the Eye Evolution Story (with JB research)
- RSR's List of Scholars Doubting Darwin  (with JB research)
- C.S. Lewis: Anti-Darwinis
Poor Design: An invalid argument against Intelligent Design
- Useless Organs: The rise and fall of a central claim of evolution
Bergman on Eisenhower: WWII was Creation vs. Evolution

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RSR's Hydroplate Theory Special: a book and two video sets...

Useless Organs: The rise and fall of evolution's claim


Photo of Bob Enyart reading Jerry Bergman's Useless Organs book*  The Vestiges of the Vestigial Argument: In the heyday of the vestigial organ argument against creation, the Encyclopedia Britannica absurdly listed more than 100 organs and glands within the human body that they claimed were no longer functional. Knowledge and biological discovery has whittled away at this failed Darwinian argument until it has become a vestige of its former self. On today's Real Science Radio program, double Ph.D. Jerry Bergman rebuts the entire argument in his new book, due on Amazon soon, titled Useless Organs: The Rise and fall of a Central Claim of Evolution. Note: Just click on the book cover to see if it's on Amazon...

RSR with Jerry Bergman on the "Poor Design" Invalid Argument

RSR's Bob Enyart reading Jerry Bergman's book Poor Design * Picture Mrs. Lents with Two Mouths: Evolutionist Prof. Nathan Lents of John Jay College is noted for his bizarre claims of poor design in human anatomy and thinks we would be better off with two mouths, one for eating food and the other for gulping air, two functions that God's sophisticated design does well with only one mouth. Double Ph.D. Jerry Bergman rebuts Lents' crazy ideas as Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart asks Jerry about the evolutionist claims that humans have poorly designed backbones, knees, birth canals, and backward wired retinas. Dr. Bergman's great new book, Poor Design: An Invalid Argument Against Intelligent Design, is due on Amazon soon!

RSR asks Ranger Mike, What can you learn on a safari?

The Adventures of Ranger Mike SnavelyReal Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews safari leader Mike Snavely of Mission Imperative who leads wildlife tours to South Africa and global flood tours throughout the Grand Canyon region. (And Bob says "Hello!" to the couple from Switzerland who joined the 2018 SW Safari after hearing the RSR Debrief of the 2017 tour.) Bob and Mike make insightful geological observations that anyone can verify that powerfully challenge the millions-of-years model and provide strong evidence for the global flood. Also, late this year, Lord willing, Mission Imperative will become the worldwide distributor of Dr. Walt Brown's book, In the Beginning, when the 9th Edition becomes available! You can hear Mike speak tonight and tomorrow at the new Gaylord Rockies Restort (near DIA) which is hosting the Train Them Diligently (TTD) homeschool conference. (Yes, that's providing competition to our very own upcoming CHEC conference!) And if you have young kids or grandkids, they'll love watching The Adventures of Ranger Mike DVDs!

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RSR's Grand Canyon Special: 3 In the Beginning books, the Nickel and Snavely videos, and our Grand Canyon series on an audio CD!

Soft Tissue Deniers in Hot Water

T. rex blood vessels & cells
T. rex blood vessels & cells

What's hot in the field of original dinosaur biological tissue? Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart talks to molecular biologist Dr. Kevin Anderson who will also speak here in Arvada, Colorado on Sunday afternoon, June 2. For the $15 registration you'll also hear from RSR friends marine biologist Dr. Robert Carter, astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner, and the scientist who is creating the geology equivalent of the human genome project, continent by continent, as Dr. Tim Clarey leads the project that for the first time ever is mapping the world's sedimentary layers! So register now for the Age of the Earth Conference sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship and Denver Society of Creation.

Clickable Biomaterial Fossils Papers List

Paleontologist Mary Schweitzer, the Iron MaidenDr. Anderson co-authored a triceratops soft tissue paper and he challenges (the amazing) Dr. Mary Schweitzer (whom RSR amiably refers to as the Iron Maiden) in her claim that biological iron has the ability to preserve dinosaur biological material for tens of millions of years. (Hear about that on today's show and more at

* Factors that Lead to Tissue Decomposition: The folowing list is based on a presentation given by RSR friend and an industry colleague of Dr. Anderson, ICR's Brian Thomas at a Pittsburgh creation conference. Bob Enyart was in attendance considering the apparent contradiction of extant biological tissue in 100-million year-old fossils and wondering how many different rescue devices evolutionists would eventually appeal to in addressing these many factors of decomposition:

Biomaterial fossil list screenshot 2/16/19
See list at

- Hydrolysis
- Chemotropism
- Microbes
- Friction
- Oxidation
- Autolysis
- Radioactive decay
- Temperature changes
- Molecular motion

Kevin Anderson's book, Echoes of the Jurassic: Discoveries of dinosaur soft-tissue* You may be interested in:
- our shared Google spreadsheet linking to 100+ biomaterial fossil papers at
- the great book by Dr. Kevin Anderson, Echoes of the Jurassic
- the presentation by Bob Enyart, embedded below, filmed in Malibu on the Pepperdine campus titled, There ARE No Secular Theories of Origins. God Exists, They Don't.

The RSR Coal Prediction & The Pattern Made by Buried Fossils

A Wyoming coal deposit... * The RSR Coal Prediction: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams welcome a celebrity caller. But before that, they present yet another creation science prediction and afterward they evaluate the general pattern of burial of fossils through the geologic column. In an important development on today's program, RSR predicts that all coal, including everything worldwide already mined, all known reserves, and any deposits discovered in the future, will equal a volume less than that which could be produced from the vegetation growing at one time on the lush preflood Earth. Evolutionists claim that lignite coal began to form 250 million years ago and bituminous coal 300 million years ago and that to turn vegetation into coal, the process itself takes millions of years (of course :). If this were true, it is conceivable that the total volume of coal, a non-renewable resource, could be many times greater than could be produced by the amount of vegetation growing on the Earth at any given time. So this young earth science prediction, based on our understanding of the global flood, confidentally and without fear of falsification predicts a maximum volume, based on the amount of vegetation that could have been growing at one time on the antideluvian Earth. And see!

* Celebrity Engineer Bryan Nickel Calls In: Fresh off his five-part series Answering the HPT Heat Objections, Bryan calls in to compliment us on our Faith on the Edge interview from two weeks ago and points out why tens of thousands of engineers (including him and Fred Williams) would have to be in on the world's biggest hoax (bigger even than the Russian Hoax), if certain wild cosmology claims were true.  And see!

Traditional image of the fossil progress through the geologic column* General Pattern of Fossil Progression Matches Flood Burial: (This observation first appeared on our flood page.) The general pattern of fossil progression is not that of an evolutionary development, as evidence by examples like the lack of backbone evolution, the whale "intermediaries" catastrophe, the missing transitionals, etc. Rather, the global pattern of buried fossils follows that of a flood burying creatures in the order of their vulnerability based on their own mobility and their habitat, from riverbeds, lakebeds, and seabeds, to the highlands. Initially, in small region by small region in what we call...
- Precambrian layers, the lower-terrain bottom-dwelling worms, algae, bacteria, trilobites, etc., suffocated when the Flood disturbed their habitat. Then, the in-rushing floodwater sediments buried the...
Paleozoic Cambrian layer's bottom-dwelling hallucigenia, wiwaxia, etc., and they're somewhat more mobile trilobites, canadaspis, crustaceans and other arthropods including shrimp and lobseters, horseshoe crabs and scorpions. The...
- Paleozoic Ordovician to Devonian to Permian layers hold the vast cemeteries of the fishes with the Devonian layers revealing the first horestail wetlands plants and liverworts (which also grew on wet rocks). And rising through the strata layers, the turbulence and sediment finally overcame the stronger rays and sharks. Then the...
- Mesozoic Triassic layers saw the marine depopulation of the "Permian" extinction during which 90% of marine creatures died in a "relatively" short timeperiod, along with beginning burial of the ichthyosaurs, the weaker plesiosaurs, and the smaller mammals...
- Mesozoic Jurassic and Cretaceous layers buried the stronger swimmers like dolphins and mosasaurs, and the amphibians like toads and frogs that lived near low-lying shorelines. As sediments began to cover habitats of increasing elevation, flowering plants and grasses were buried, and a hierarchy of animals with increasing ability to flee such as reptiles, including the dinosaurs, and the mammals. (Remember, 434 mammal species have been excavated from dinosaur layers and, obviously, at least some mammals ate dinosaurs.) Birds of course, generally speaking, averted the floodwaters better than most other creatures.

RSR's Fred Williams is back celebrating creationist advances

Mahoney's Patterns of Evidence: Moses ControversyWhile Real Science Radio's been busy with our Heat series on the global flood, Fred Williams has been noticing our street cred piling up. Dr. Brian Thomas gives us a shout out in an Acts & Facts cover story on our dinosaur soft tissue spreadsheet. Tim Mahoney thanks RSR for helping to strengthen the Patterns of Evidence Exodus argument (hear audio from the film). Then Fred recalls that molecular biologist Matthew Cserhati (with CMI as of March 2019) concedes his "orfan gene" bet with Enyart acknowledging the research trend that now points toward the RSR prediction that far fewer "related, evolutionary" genes exist than single-genome orfan genes!

* Acts & Facts RSR Shout Out: Brian Thomas' great Acts & Facts cover story article exposes another rescue device in the evolutionist's hopes of saving deep time from dinosaur soft tissue. From ICR's March 2019 issue with RSR photoshopping Brian and an excerpt onto the truncated cover...

March 2019 cover of Acts & Facts with Brian Thomas' soft tissue article excerpted...

Flat Earth Circular Logic: The Hot New Documentary!

Flat Earth documentary: Faith on the EdgeReal Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews The Creation Guys Kyle Justice and Pat Roy about their latest hit, Faith on the Edge: Flat Earth Documentary. They talk to experts including:
- Apollo 16 astronaut Gen. Charlie Duke
- Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner
- Hebrew professor (from Christopher Cone's Calvary University!) Dr. Steven Boyd, and
- Victor Brewer, Aerial Image Solutions.
Some of the highlights:
- the recreation of the UK's famous Bedford Level experiment (now with accurate and predictable results)
- explaining why the Chicago skyline jumps up and down when photographed from across Lake Michigan (except for on cold days)
- watching a container ship sail toward Europe from the East Coast
- amazing astronomical observations in the southern hemisphere (including the Sun never setting!)
- the launch of a weather balloon to conduct a breakthrough experiment.

Faith on the Edge made an RSR staffer say, "I've got to buy this for my grandkids!). The guys also present the flat earthers' claim that they take the Bible literally, but of course, not for any of the verses that contradict their syndrome, such as that God "hangs the Earth upon nothing" and "from the rising of the sun".

And from our own page...

Have you noticed that the "man in the moon"
is upside down in the southern hemisphere?

See for yourself! Compared to viewing it from the northern hemisphere, the Moon appears upside down in the southern hemisphere, which is a simple cure for the flat earth syndrome:

The Moon appears upside down in the southern hemisphere, as compared to from the northern hemisphere.

RSR Answers the HPT CRUST Heat Problem: Final

HPT Heat Series Part 5

Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and mechanical engineer Bryan Nickle conclude their "Heat" series answering the criticism that the global flood events described by Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory would melt the Earth's crust. The guys have been addressing four critics, Glen Kuban and Tony Reed, and young-earthers Danny Faulkner and John Baumgardner, listing their combined twenty arguments claiming the HPT would boil the oceans, cook the atmosphere, and melt the crust. Bryan and Bob complete working off their list of a dozen factors used to evaluate the heat transfer of the HPT including that expanding gas cools rapidly, the behavior of directed energy, the significance of boundary conditions, the role and behavior of supercritical water, and the adiabatic (heat-neutral) fusion by Z-pinch of light and heavy elements.

Photo of Bryan Nickel's hands around a butane torch to show directed energy* Twenty Specific Criticisms: The critic's name links to his criticism:

Glen Kuban: From the anti-creationist website called, argues that:

1. The release of pressurized water in the eruption of the fountains would deposit tremendous heat energy on the surface of the earth.
2. The temperature of the flood waters coming up from below, being supercritical as Walt Brown indicates, were at least 1300oF.
3. The HPT suggests that half of today's ocean waters were once below the crust so that mixture of hot SCW with the surface waters would virtually boil the oceans.
4. The massive friction from the sliding, compressing, and thickening continents would produce tremendous heat.
5. The massive lava fields and other volcanic activity occurring within the short young-earth timeframe.
6. Much of the sub-crustal water that jettisoned into the atmosphere fell back to earth as scalding rain.
7. Dramatically accelerated nuclear decay would produce lethal heat (and radiation levels).

* HPT Heat Series: These programs form the eleventh installment in our RSR Answers HPT Objections meta series.
- RSR Answers the Hydroplate Theory Heat Problem
- RSR Answers the HPT Atmosphere Heat Problem
- RSR Answers the HPT Atmosphere & Oceans Heat Problem
- RSR Answers the HPT Crust Heat Problem
- RSR Answers the HPT Heat Problem Crust Final (this program)

Tony Reed, from his YouTube channel Creationism taught me real science argues that:

8. The Supercritical water would have transferred its heat to the atmosphere and scald the planet in part because although air doesn't conduct heat well, “steam conducts heat very well”.
9. A temperature differential of a few degrees produces wind and the HPT has a 1,000-degree differential so that would easily generate powerful winds that would spread the heat throughout the atmosphere.
10. The depressurizing water and the superheated steam and air would become a blast wave.
11. Water and crustal debris ejected to the upper atmosphere will not be able to cool down from the main two methods of heat transfer, conduction and convection, but only from radiation which is less effective.
12. After the first 40 days when the fountains of the great deep are no longer launching debris into space nor even into the atmosphere, but the flood level continues to rise for another 110 days so all that superheated water is going directly into the surface waters.

Danny Faulkner, astronomer at Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis, in a CRSQ paper, argues that:

13. A back-of-the-envelope calculation shows that life couldn't survive the overheating of the troposphere that would occur even if only a tiny fraction of the HPT's kinetic energy transfers from the jets to the atmosphere.
14. Water moving at the speeds Walt Brown indicates for the fountains of the great deep [escape velocity is a minimum of 7 mps and up to 32 mps to launch the retrograde comets] would produce tremendous turbulence which would slow down at least a portion of the water jet and transfer kinetic energy to the atmosphere.
15. The leading edge [or the top] of the jet of water would transfer momentum to the atmosphere slowing the leading edge producing a a cascading effect slowing the water below it, and so on, causing the jet to spread horizontally.
16. The HPT posits fountains of water moving at Mach 150 such that Bernoulli’s equation indicates a very large pressure difference that will drive air into the jet and thermalize the kinetic energy.

John Baumgardner, the creation geophysicist formerly with Los Alamos Nat'l Laboratory, who went on to work for Henry Morris at ICR, argues that:

17. Regarding the HPT's origin of Earth's radioactivity, the extreme heat released from radioactive fission of super-heavy elements would melt the Earth's crust.
18. Using Dr. Brown's own energy estimate on the order of 1030J of kinetic energy carried by the fast neutrons from super-heavy element fission [see Bryan Nickel's video for context explaining that these neutrons produced the deuterium in comets and in today’s oceans] results in the kinetic energy of the fission fragments being estimated at 33 times that of these fast neutrons with the waste heat arising from these fission fragments alone being on the order of 1031J, enough to vaporize the entire granite crust hundreds of times over.
19. This waste heat from the fission of super-heavy elements would be dwarfed, by a factor of ten, by the much larger amount of waste heat released in the fusion process which the HPT proposes for the creation of the super-heavy elements.
20. Thermal energy on the order of 1030J dumped into the [then estimated at] 3/4-mile thick layer of water beneath the granitic crust, being ionized, would turn into a hot plasma and be so energetic it would blow off the Earth's crust.

* RSR to AIG, ICR, CMI, & CRS: ARD melts CPT. Dr. Walt Brown's creationist critics support a competing flood model called Catastrophic Plate Tectonics which has its own heat problem with CPT advocates admitting that accelerated nuclear decay would melt the crust. They appeal to miracles first, for the primary mechanisms of CPT, and secondly, to remove the heat. HPT, in contrast, observes physical processes that mitigate heat. Dr. Brown, incidentally, received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Heat Transfer division in their engineering department while working in MIT's heat transfer lab. This program is the eleventh installment in our ongoing Answers metaseries.

* Twelve Factors Help to Answer Flood Heat Objections: This list provides a roadmap for the listener to know where we will be headed over the next few episodes as we evaluate the heat consequences of the hydroplate theory.

1. Fluids cool rapidly as they expand (as in from below the crust to the surface) as well described by the Joule-Thomson effect.
2. Directed energy comprised of molecules with great momentum strongly resists change in direction.
3. Boundary conditions, rather than total amount of heat, determine how much will transfer, e.g., to the atmosphere or ocean.
4. Water that is supercritical (its state in the subterranean chamber, and unlike liquid water at Earth's surface) is highly compressible and at sixty miles deep it was compressed by pressure greater than 370,000 lbs per square inch.
5. Understanding the behavior of supercritical water helps to quantify the heat of the fountains including that as it enormously expands to reach the 15 psi at Earth's surface the formerly SCW has cooled enormously according to the slope defined by the Clausius-Clapeyron relation.
6. Outer space functions as a virtually infinite heat "sink" not only radiating away (cooling) the fountains most energetic water and debris but actually removing that ejecta.
7. Air is a great insulator [like home insulation and Thinsulate].
8. Z-pinch (crustal lightning making heavier nuclei including dangerous radioactive elements like uranium and thorium) is adiabatic (i.e, it doesn't produce heat) and is even called cold repacking.
9. Time, even the duration of weeks and months (or years and even a few centuries of aftermath effects), can allow for the dissipation of large quantities of energy that would otherwise melt more of the Earth than actually did melt.
10. Estimates provided by critics trying to falisfy the hydroplate theory can be shown to stop suddenly short of affirming the hydroplate.
11. Forty days and nights (especially the nights) of torrential rain brought massive quantities of supercooled hail down onto the Earth.
12. The specific heat of water (i.e., a watched pot never boils), also called its heat capacity, is higher than any other common substance enabling the surface waters to absorb a tremdous amount of energy while raising its temperature minimally.

* HPT Heat Series: These programs form the eleventh installment in our RSR Answers HPT Objections meta series.
- RSR Answers the Hydroplate Theory Heat Problem
- RSR Answers the HPT Atmosphere Heat Problem
- RSR Answers the HPT Atmosphere & Oceans Heat Problem
- RSR Answers the HPT Crust Heat Problem
- RSR Answers the HPT Heat Problem Crust Final

* Heat Series Videos & Images: Intially, these spreadsheets are only screenshots but RSR plans to link them to dynamic spreadsheets which can be easily used by anyone to check these estimates.

HPT spreadsheet showing crust temperatures over time

HPT spreadsheet showing heat of crust over time

Radial fractures demonstrating rapidly generated extreme heat in tiny points in Earth's crust

Supercritical water is about 38 times more slippery than liquid water: How readily a fluid will flow is measured as viscosity. The slipperiness of a surface is a related topic. A viscosity table typically uses poise which is the unit of dynamic viscosity, centipoise which is 1/100 of a poise, and PSIA which is pounds per square inch absolute. In the dynamic viscosity table below, find across the top row the columns for 100 and 10000 PSIA and down the first column find the rows for 1300 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Then compare the viscosity in centipose for water, at 10000 psi and 1300 degrees which is .046, and at 100 psi and 32 degrees which is 1.753. Consider that 38 x .046 = 1.748 (close to 1.753) so that supercrtical water is about 38 times slipperier than water.

Hydroplates slid on the supercritical water in the subterranean chamber


Nearby snow not melted by booster rocket test firing with 2.6M lbs thrust at 5,400 degrees F
Just averaging energy suggests, wrongly, that nearby snow would melt

High velocity flow doesn't mix nor freely expand sideways upon exiting a nozzle

* Compression Event Evidence Abounds Worldwide: While photos abound of accordion-compressed strata from around the world, RSR hired a Canadian photographer and a helicopter to get photos of Sullivan Fault in British Columbia, one of the best examples of evidence for the compression event. The perspective provided from the thousand or so  evergreen trees visible in this photo (click to enlarge) show the large size of this range.

Sullivan Fault, British Columbia, accordion strata from the compression event

* RSR's List of Answers to Hydroplate Theory Objections: This ongoing Answers series is part of our global flood metaseries available at

1. List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections Pt 1 (this show addresses Baumgardner and voltage from granite; astronomer Faulkner and the 360-day year; geologist Patton and the origin of limestone)
2. List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections Pt 2 (QuakeFinder's Tom Bleier on electromagnetic quake forecasting toward answering geophysicist John Baumgardner)
3. Josh Spencer Answers HPT Objections (email exchange with a CPT proponent on Pangea, CPT miracles, etc.)
4. Spencer Answers Radioactivity Objections (nuclear engineering Ph.D. on Walt's origin of Earth's radioactivity)
5. Kevin Lea Answers the "Geometry Problem" objection from Baumgardner
6. Kevin Lea Answers the "Pacific Crust" Objection from Dr. Baumgarnder
7. Bryan Nickel Answers the "Linear Crack" Objection from Michael Oard
8. Bob Enyart Answers the false accusation from Don DeYoung that Brown sued ICR
9. Jane Albright Addresses Creation Groups' Opposition to Dr. Brown including a criticism from Jonathan Sarfati
10. Nickel Answers Oard's' Missing Shoreline and Sediments of Grand Lake
11. Nickel Answers the HPT Heat Problem Objections from Kuban, Reed, Faulkner, & Baumgardner.