Real Climate Change with Dr. Paul Homan Part I

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*See Dr. Homan LIVE: See Paul Homan, PhD present a Christian Worldview on Climate Change at the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship meeting next Friday, Dec 8, 2023! Dr. Homan received his PhD from the Naval Postgraduate School, he’ married to Janee, a father of 4, an avid outdoorsman, a runner, hiker, and a skier. Dr. Homan recently retired as the Director of Meteorology at the United States Air Force Academy. He is a regular speaker on the topic of Climate Change in both secular and church forums. Dr. Homan has served as a Squadron Commander, an advisor to the Iraqi Air Force, and worked on several international research initiatives during his career in the Air Force.
*Earth's Energy Balance: Listen in (and check out Dr. Homan's slides) for an enlightening, fact based, and easy to understand explanation of what warms the planet, why, and how much.
*Cowed: Find out what a problem you are, what a problem your agriculture is, your energy production, your wetlands, and especially your cows!

*Gaslit? Hear Dr. Homan break down the properties of the various greenhouse gasses & decide for yourself if what you're hearing is the full story, (whether here at RSR, or other media and government sources).
Dr. Homan Climate Change Part 2