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Welcome to Real Science Radio: Co-hosts Fred Williams and Doug McBurney talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, math, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. The RSR Archive contains our popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

RSR airs every Friday at 3pm MST on AM 670 KLTT in Denver, Colorado. For rebroadcast times and podcast platforms, see our Affiliates page.

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The Beauty of Binding Sites with Dr. Royal Truman Part I

*Royal Truman, PhD: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney welcome Dr. Royal Truman to discuss creation, biology, information science and more! Royal is fluent in five languages and received bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and computer science from SUNY Buffalo, an M.B.A from the University of Michigan, his PhD in organic chemistry from Michigan State, with post-graduate studies in bioinformatics at the universities of Mannheim and Heidelberg in Germany. Royal believes the God of Abraham created the universe recently, and that His Son Jesus Christ is the savior of the world.

*Ties that Bind: What is a binding site? The dictionary definition: “a region on a molecule or cell surface at which the combining of chemical substances takes place,” is elaborated upon by Dr. Truman as to sophistication, logic, instruction, and the precise nature of the information involved in the combining, (proving that the “binding” is far more than a mere “combining of chemical substances”), it’s the actuation of potential via informational code!

*Information & Chemistry: Dr. Truman connects the regulating activities occurring in genes & cells, with how understanding information science is helpful in solving the chemistry problems associated with the study of biological systems. Finding binding sites is important to advancing our knowledge of biological systems, cells and genetics. Hear how information science unlocks the search for binding sites. And then hear about how they work! How 3 nucleotides, codons on (messenger) mRNA interact exactly with their 3 counterparts on (transcription) tRNA  - anticodons, (and so much more).

Abortion “Medication” Kills Children

*Justice Undone: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney review the legal situation surrounding the abortion drugs being used (with FDA approval) to murder children in America.

 * Dirt Worshipers & Killers: We discuss how normal American’s worship Jesus Christ, and not the creation, and not in the manner created by Ira Einhorn who murdered his girlfriend and stuffed her body into a trunk!

 * Clinton Foundation of Murder: Hear how America’s first “co-presidency”, that of Bill and Hillary Clinton began, and ended with an obsession for child killing by all means necessary.

Smithsonian Ape Man Myths (with Brodie Leitch) Part II

Goin’ Ape: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney welcome RSR’s resident “ape-man” expert Brodie Leitch back for more analysis of exhibits from the evolutionists premier temple of “ape to man” evolutionary tales the “Hall of Human Origins.”

*Loco-Motion: The evolutionary mechanisms of “competition” and “survival of the fittest”, (that generations of American government school teachers have flogged) is not apparent in the fossil record, even to evolutionists and train aficionados like Brendan M. Lynch.

*Stupid is as Stupid Does: Hear about a bit more fun Fred had with ChatGPT with an inquiry as to whether “human evolution is stupid.” 

Smithsonian Ape Man Myths (with Brodie Leitch) Part I

*Missing Link: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney welcome RSR’s resident “ape-man” expert Brodie Leitch to analyze skeletal fossils and other sundry bits surrounding the one thing the evolutionists don’t have, (i.e. a theory of origins). This makes you wonder how they get away with calling their premier temple of “ape to man” evolutionary tales the “Hall of Human Origins.”

 * Fake Gender Friday: Listeners remind RSR that there is a show on NPR that mimics Real Science Radio from time to time, (when they happen to mention octopi that is. Not when they’re promoting the criminal mutilation and molestation of children).

*Lost Generation: The negligence of the church in understanding and teaching the science of Genesis, and human origins has proven fatal to millions of kids born into nominal Christianity, but abandoned by fearful, ignorant adults to secular myths that lead straight to Hell!

 *Earth to Captain Kirk: Doug tells the story of the late great pastor Bob Enyart leading his church group through the Denver Museum of Natural History’s “Prehistoric Journey” exhibit, and causing the curator, “Dr.” Kirk Johnson to question his own existence. (“Captain Kirk” has since failed upward through the ranks of bureaucrats to become assistant secretary of something or other at the Smithsonian).

 *Open AI Shuts Down: Fred sent ChatGPT into “Network Error” mode by asking it for "evidence against ape-man”, and then showed the stupidity of the Open AI programmers by asking it about something stupid, (i.e., human evolution).

Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Believe (AI Part IV)

*Alt Intelligence: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney start with a quote from Open AI CEO Sam Altman, who thinks of himself (and everyone else it seems) as a “stochastic parrot.”

* Men with Machines: From Asimov, to Dune, to Google’s original slogan, “Don’t be Evil”, to the secular government’s advancement of equity; we should all be concerned that the men behind AI may not be telling the whole truth…

Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Understand (AI Part III)

*Artificial, and Other Intelligence: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney continue their review of Artificial Intelligence with RSR’s resident Security & Information Science expert, and founder of GODISNOWHERE, Daniel Hedrick.

* An Anemone by Any Other Name: Fred clowns around about fish and fossils alleged to be 300-million-years-old, (and alleged to have been Jellyfish).

Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Think (AI Part II)

*Training the Artificial Mind: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney continue the discussion of Artificial Intelligence with RSR’s resident Security & Information Science expert, and founder of GODISNOWHERE, Daniel Hedrick.

*Who Can You Trust? Not AI!! Garbage in, Garbage out and all that, and the leftists building the AI are not trustworthy. But Daniel reveals some tricks to trip up the “woke” bias, and even get DAN to tell the truth about boys being boys!

*Real Myopia: Hear how the AI Chatbots can be manipulated, and “trained”, but how the technology is being built to promote biases, and resist being trained to speak the truth. 

*AI and the Gospel: Discover the encouraging evidence that no matter how leftist the AI designers are, they cannot compete with the power of the gospel and the person of Jesus Christ in the world, (and even just in the cloud).

Artificial Intelligence Part I

*Inquiring Minds: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney examine the topic of Artificial Intelligence, (or is it an Alien Invasion) with RSR’s resident Security & Information Science expert, and founder of GODISNOWHERE, Daniel Hedrick.

*Old School 360: Hear how fast 30 years go by from Military Intelligence, the System 360, IMOM, the HP9000 & 5 ¼ inch floppies to AI chatbots that speak in a less annoying parlance than the average cable news host!

*Ungodly Dominion: Revisit Election night 2020 and the kind of shenanigans that might be made possible in the world of AI LLMs, parameters, tokens, keywords, TDIFs, algorithms, and prompts!

Thomas Seyfried: Metabolic Cancer Theory Part II

*Weight Loss & Mitochondrial Health: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney invite Boston College professor of biology Thomas Seyfried, MD, Ph.D., to further discuss cancer prevention, mitochondrial health, and the side benefit of weight loss.

*Targeting Tumor Cells: Dr. Seyfried hints at how therapeutic Ketosis may become a standard of care in cancer treatment, and why existing drugs that could be effective in concert with ketosis may not be favored in research for effective Cancer treatments. And Doug hints at why a “paleolithic primordial ancestry” is not necessary to trace humanity’s history of ketogenic diets.

*Problems Solved, Problems Made: We’re living longer, but are we living healthier? Hear how western medicine, the scientific method and affluence have helped solve so many of the pathologies that killed us before but have led to new chronic diseases that should be addressed now that we should know better.

The Magnificent Octopus

*JWST and the SEIVE: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney bask in the creationist friendly glow of more observed facts rolling in from the James West Space Telescope. The story was about galaxies looking far too young to be so old, and it’s driving the guardians of the Secular Evolution Inviolable Version of Everything (SEIVE) Bananas!

 *Are Octopuses Aliens? Or are they just really, really cool? Here at RSR we go with the latter! Listen in to hear just how this magnificent creature reflects God’s engineering genius, and extraordinary creativity. But scientists holding to the SEIVE insist the extra-terrestrial origin comes not from the Creator God, but from…. wait for it…, wait for it… ALIENS!