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Welcome to Real Science Radio: Co-hosts Fred Williams and Doug McBurney talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, math, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. The RSR Archive contains our popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

RSR airs every Friday at 3pm MST on AM 670 KLTT in Denver, Colorado. For rebroadcast times and podcast platforms, see our Affiliates page.

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GPS, Flying Fish, And the Most Painful Bite in the World

GPS Does NOT require Einstein Relativity.  Fred and Ryan discuss the claim that GPS systems rely on Einstein's special and general relativity. They debunk this claim by explaining how GPS works and how clock synchronization is the key, not relativity.  As noted GPS scientist Dr. Tom Van Flandern quipped, "They have basically blown off Einstein."

The Insect with the Most Painful Bite.  For the Interesting Fact of the Week, find out if oft-bit Ryan can answer correctly!

James Tour's Faith & Research

Hear Part One of this interview HERE
*Blame it on the Rain: Bob Enyart was an advocate for research into  earthquake prediction and preparation. He knew the Earth is young, and its crust is unstable, and therefore governments should be in the business of figuring out how to more accurately predict earthquakes by, among other things, examining how the weather works with other factors to trigger seismic events!
*Owner of a Broken Heart: Find out how an octopus trap, and Valentine's Day combine for a medical diagnosis you never want to hear!
*Life & Marriage: Hear about a study confirming that married men live longer!

James Tour and the Origin of Life

*RSR on Tour: Dr. James Tour is a synthetic organic chemist, with a Bachelor in chemistry from Syracuse, a Ph.D. in synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry from Purdue, and postdoctoral training in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Wisconsin and Stanford, almost 800 research publications, over 130 patents (& another 100 pending). Dr. Tour also has a strong presence on YouTube, and an offer for anyone who is not a believer to hear how he became a believer in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ.
*The BIGGEST Controversy: You be the judge! Is the largest organ in the human body the liver, or the interstitium?
*The Chemistry Between Us: Today's interview with Dr. Tour pairs nicely with another RSR chemistry/abiogenesis interview with Dr. Royal Truman!
*James Tour's Origin of Life Challenge: Hear, (and see) the OOL challenge that started it all!

Artificial Intelligence 2024 & Beyond with Daniel Hedrick

*A.G.I., A.S.I. & Y.O.U. Hear Daniel's thoughts on the existence of  Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial Super Intelligence, and the odds an AI bot will be sitting at your desk one morning anytime soon.

*The Power Problem: The power necessary to run artificial intelligence computers is so enormous that it appears it may only be solved by integrating biological systems similar to the one's God made, (and He made them using real intelligence).

Questioning the Undisputed Science

*Interesting Fact of the Week: How many hearts does an octopus have? It's a "trifecta" - three hearts! One regular to pump the blood around the body. And two more to pump the blood past the gills for oxygenation.

*Seeing Design Despite Themselves: Hear the latest news from the world of the "random" and purely "naturalistic" science (so-called) of evolution... Perhaps that "random" part isn't as random as they thought!

*Half a Billion Years or So: Give or take a billion years or so... The currently fashionable Origin of Life (OOL) theory that declared the "undisputed dawn of photosynthesis" on earth occurred about 500 million years ago, has just been dealt a 1.2 billion year setback.

Who Cares About Creation Science?

*Interesting Fact of the Week: What animal can make 276 facial expressions? (Don't ask how they are tallied...)? Surprisingly, it's not the obvious answer: the camel. Tune it to find out!
*Why Are We Here? This week we ask the question that philosophers, adolescents and too many college professors struggle with, many for a lifetime. And we ask it of the Creation Science Field writ large, and the Real Science Radio ministry!

RSR’s Man On The Street at Cherry Creek Mall

* Flat Earth, Diamonds, Dinosaur DNA, and more. Fred and Ryan Williams grab a mic and camera for RSR’s first ever Man On The Street Interviews! See how the general public responds to questions about champs and man, C14 in Diamonds, whether or not the earth is flat or round, and more. One of Ryan’s leading questions includes asking two different couples if they are ring shopping, you won't want to miss their reactions!