DNA & Dark Matter, & the Pre-Flood World with Ryan Williams

DNA & Dark Matter, & the Pre-Flood World with Ryan Williams

*Monster Millipede: Ryan Williams joins Fred in the studio to discuss the latest Creation Magazine from Creation Ministries International! Hear how the pre-flood world was home to GIANT millipedes, dragonflies, and scorpions!

*Plasma NOT Dark Matter: The four states of matter in creation help define reality, and include plasma, which eliminates the necessity for  dark matter, dark energy, (or the tooth fairy) to explain galaxy rotation velocities.
*DNA Denies Evolution: The discovery of a DNA folding mechanism reveals the intricate programming of DNA and the challenges it poses to evolutionary models.
Short and Sweet: Check out the latest RSR video "short" showing how some people just can't handle the truth;  that the sophistication of the topoisomerase enzymes and the zinc finger protein refute evolution.

*Webb Upsets Hubble (again): The James Webb telescope continues to intensify the CRISIS in Big Bang cosmology, particularly in relation to the Hubble constant and the alleged rate of universe expansion.

*Flesh Eating Wildcats: Listener discretion advised! (Especially cat lovers). But seriously folks... the extinction of the Scottish wildcat supports the biblical classification scheme of "kinds" and refutes secular assertions regarding the diversity of speciation.

*Dolphin's Detectors: The dolphin's ability to detect electric fields is another in a growing list of observed evidence that refutes vestigial structures and organs, and supports the reality of sophisticated design in God's Creation.

*Under Pressure: Data resulting from a scientist spending 93 days at the bottom of the Atlantic, raises interesting questions about atmospheric pressure before Noah's flood.