Eggshells, Aliens and Mushy Brains

*Aliens, A.I. and Original Material: Hear how the "godfather of A.I." is just another arrogant communist! Plus, get RSR's theory for why A.I. might be keeping us from meeting all those space aliens! (Compare it to that of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester, and you be the judge).

*Not so Interesting Celebrity of the Week: What fish can be born a boy, then become a girl? It's the same kind of fish (the one with the culturally subversive friend named Dori) in Finding Nemo ; )

*Millions, Billions & Trillions: are lots! How much! Lot's! (especially trillions)!

*Support RSR: Speaking of millions! Now that the government classifies anyone who earns a million dollars in their lifetime a "millionaire", we call upon all you potential millionaires out there to donate or subscribe to keep RSR on the air!

*Racing on Eggshells: Hear all about racemization and the preservation of amino acids from a biblical, and from a secular perspective, and you be the judge!

*Mushy Brains: Evolutionists always love to see headlines that allege things took place over 10,000 years ago.

*Dim Side of Moon: Hear NASA Administrator Bill Nelson speak for all bureaucrats regarding their expertise in the fields for which they manage bureaus.

*How "Random" Points to God: God uses randomness in His design, (and men mimic Him to bring us the latest ideas and technologies!