Weinstein/Hollywood/MeToo Proves the Prudes Right

Later in today's program, Dominic Enyart comes into the studio to invite folks to a monthly last Sunday outreach. And tomorrow, we will hear from Michael, another victim of Fr. Neil Hewitt who was a priest of the Denver Archdiocese in the Aurora area and then later in Leadville, Colorado, back when he molested children in his care. This will be the first time Michael's story has ever been shared publicly, so please make sure to tune in either at 3 p.m. on AM 670 KLTT or anytime online at kgov.com or kgov.com/neil-hewitt.

* The Prudes Are Right: Trafficking in human sexuality should be illegal. Also today Bob explains that the Weinstein/Hollywood Scandal Proves the Prudes Right and that there’s no such thing as an industry that respects women where they have to take off their clothes to get hired. Also, how far does this behavior spread? Throughout Hollywood? Of course. Throughout the media? Of course. Throughout the porn industry and "Gentlemen's Clubs" industries? Of course. Throughout a high percentage of our political leaders? Of course. Throughout the high-powered legal profession (and especially the defense attorneys)? Of course. The bottom line though is that none of these groups care or have ever cared about respecting women. So as the tentacles of this behavior are exposed, soon enough the "fad", which should continue until there are no more men (or women) assaulters and harassers left, will die out.

Enyart comment in LA Times condemning Hollywood for sexual immorality in entertainment
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* Repubs Have Always Outdone Dems on Domestic Spending: With Obama starting out with his wannabe trillion dollar stimulus, we knew it'd be awfully hard for the Republicans to beat the Dems yet again! But BEL has always had great faith in the Republican Party! So today Bob also discusses the Republicans meeting his expectations for them in now spending $666 BILLION dollars more than they received in taxes.

* Liberate 25 Million North Korean Human Beings: Bob also lists yet another reason to attack and depose North Korea's government.

* Heading to the Grand Canyon with Walt Brown: Bob mentions his upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon with the world's leading expert on the formation of the Canyon, Dr. Walt Brown!