Get Epstein! Hurting Trump Trumps Protecting Clinton

* Not So Funny Girl: After hating on God for the better part of seven decades Barbara Streisand appears to have ended up hating herself just as much.

* BEL Vindicated for Dirtying Dershowitz: Last November on BEL we predicted Acosta would be out if the Epstein matter was reopened. When we said on today's program that this lawyer's claim that he wants transparency and wants the records open and wants everyone to see the proof he's not a rapist, is all a LIE, just posturing, was confirmed two days later in the Hollywood Reporter...

On March 2, Dershowitz tweeted, "I hereby accuse my false accusers of committing the felony of perjury and challenge them to sue me for defamation. They won’t, because they know the truth will land them in prison."

Most people would probably interpret this as an invitation for truth-settling in court, but now that Giuffre has taken up the challenge, Dershowitz is, to use a legal term of art, playing chicken. And what's galling about what's happening is that those who are merely watching Dershowitz's cries of innocence in TV interviews probably have no idea. On Wednesday morning, CBS News, for example, addressed Giuffre's defamation suit and Dershowitz's dismissal motion but omitted any of the nuance that showcases Dershowitz's utter cowardice. After brazenly entreating the very court action at hand, Dershowitz is attempting to seize on technicalities and broad immunities to elude fact-finding. That's not the impression conveyed on [Fox News, etc.] television. 

Further, knowing that his career, wealthy, liberty, and life were all at risk if Epstein were prosecuted further, a leftist like Dershowitz became a Trump defender, because by defending Trump he'd also strengthen his (now former) cabinet member Alexander Acosta, and it was Trump's justice department that had the power to investigate Acosta's sweatheart deal to a child sex trafficker and to reopen the Epstein matter. Further, in Acosta's own weak "defense" of his actions, what did he say about giving immunity to Epstein's co-conspirators, and to breaking the law in not notifying the dozens of alleged victims?

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* Get Off My Lawn! In Belgium, the Simon-Hody family who had invited illegal migrants to camp in their yard are now demanding that they leave.

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 * Amazon Disappears Gay Conversion Therapy: By banning author Dr. Joseph Nicolosi’s books on helping homos come out of their destructive lifestyle Amazon is condemning homos to more suffering, (and proving their vile wickedness by still offering books that promote pedophilia).

 * Confirming Samuel: (and Joshua, and Nehemiah)! With the likely discovery of the city of Ziklag in modern day Israel, archeologists have once again confirmed what we knew all along. The Bible is the true Word of God, (and a great source of historical fact as well).

 * Hissy Fit: Tensions between tranny women and homos reached new heights at the Stonewall memorial last month. (But unlike at the actual Stonewall riots in 1968, no one was killed).

* Hurting Trump Trumps Protecting Clinton: Jeffrey Epstein's sealed court documents are set to be released and he has been re-arrested. Why this development a decade later? Because hurting Trump trumps protecting the Clintons. Bill and Hillary are damaged goods, and this absurdly wicked cover-up plea deal in 2008 was designed to protect Hillary's ambitions and many other powerful people, possibly including Donald Trump. But now that nobody cares about Bill Clinton anymore, and Hillary is blamed for Trump getting elected, they both can be thrown under the bus, if need be, in an effort to get at Trump, and the people around him. Afterall, in presidential politics, bringing down a cabinet member is second only to impeachment. Epstein trafficked underage girls by private jet from New York to Florida and on his Lolita Express to his pervert private island in the Caribbean which Bill Clinton flew to multiple times. Those around Trump include, well, Trump himself, who hung out with Epstein and knew of his preference for especially young women. Trump's Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta gave the bizarre and wicked cover-up deal to Epstein and immunized him and his many powerful apparent accomplices from federal charges. Another high-profile Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz, has been accused of a vile crime and he's been fighting for the public release of Epstein's sealed court records claiming they will vindicate him from the accusations. But now that they're being released, BEL's guess is that there will be nothing in there that vindicates him. Rather, he was fighting for release because any other course of action makes him look guilty as sin. Perhaps now we know why a liberal Harvard law professor has spent the last couple years vigorously defending Bill Clinton. See also our predictive Nov. 2018 Epstein/Trump/Acosta show at