Bob Enyart Calls, Callers, and Testimonials

Bob Enyart on his TV program
Bob Enyart on TV circa 1995

BEL Calls and Callers: Since 1991, on air Bob Enyart has taken more than 5,000 calls from viewers and listeners, and over that same time he's been a caller to dozens of radio programs. On this page, over time, we'd like to list some of the more memorable calls. If you have one that you recommend listing here, please email us a link to it, at Thanks so much! -The BEL Crew

BEL Callers:
- Welfare call from Compton, California
- Yesterday's caller into Sean Hannity's show now on BEL, Gregg from L.A.
- Ted from Hell doesn't believe in Florida (or something like that).
- A Christian named Sarah defended Palestinian terrorism when they killed a child.
- Calling from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Beth is a liar with a dying friend
- Pro-abort Kathleen Draws Straws; Gets Bob
- That Sarah was followed the next day, on May 2, 2002, by Pat the Righteous
- Pastor Clark mad at Bob because Dobson broke his pledge to God
- Nick Brittin's back with Bob in 2010; when in studio in 1997 he was only 18
- Rev. Fred doubts God, believes in abortion
- Can God make it rain tomorrow more than it will, that is, can He alter what is claimed to be the pre-scripted future? Or does God Himself lack what theologians (doubly redundantly) refer to as libertarian free will? Dave from Boone, IA.
- Bob and a caller discuss evolution and genetic information...

Bob's Calls Into Other Shows:
- Bob calls into Denver's Kelly & Kafer to oppose equal pay for equal work laws

Check out also, and

Bob Enyart in Indiana

Regarding Bob Enyart Interviews: Bob has been interviewed hundreds of times by U.S. TV and radio hosts, and by the BBC and Al Jazeera. Bob’s work has been reported on by leading outlets including USA Today and People magazine. Many stories about the program and its host from the Associated Press and Reuters have been put out by the wire services. Atheist and pig Bill Maher has repeatedly featured Bob Enyart on ABC's Politically Correct sparring with stars like Martin Short, crotch-humorist Jimmy Kimmel, and admitted farm animal rapist Larry Flynt. The Times-Warner nationally-syndicated TV program XTRA has profiled Enyart, and he appears in E!'s biography of O.J. Simpson regarding Bob's burning of  O.J. Simpson's memorabilia on the steps of the L.A. courthouse (to propose fundamental reforms to America's criminal justice system, which is one of the BEL themes). Enyart has appeared on Court TV discussing the death penalty for Scott Peterson, and on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor defending spanking, and has been interviewed by Sean Hannity, and has appeared for hour-after-hour on air over at MSNBC (although there is no hard evidence that anyone ever saw any of it :).

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* BEL & RSR Endorsements & Testimonials: Not until summer of 2019 did we think to make a record of testimonials. With so much to do and being so busy, perhaps we'll never get around to posting many here, but hopefully we will! :)

- From an agnostic blogger Santi:  Bob: I had a chance to take a look at this thread again, and I must say that you are a completely reasonable theist. I don’t see much in your reasoning that I would argue with.

- From a Darwinist author: The well-received British author and Darwinist James Hannam wrote, "Richard Dawkins once said that 'if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I'd rather not consider that).' It rapidly became clear that Bob was none of these things. For a start, I know a fair bit about evolution and genetics. But when it came to familiarity with the arguments, he was way ahead of me. On epigenetics, RNA/DNA chemistry, and animal physiology, I was hopelessly outclassed."

- From DDubya1 on YouTube: "I sent a link to Real Science Radio to my daughter, the sermon. She is a research scientist at St. Jude’s Hospital [that's the one and only, in Memphis, TN] and sadly, she's an agnostic. Thankfully, she listened to your program and replied to me that regardless of the religious messaging, she appreciated the good science presented."

- From a leading creationist author medical doctor: "Bob, the work you and your Real Science Radio team are doing, by creating these web available and growing lists of things are very important and key. Assembling many different examples for the same point is very effective be it soft tissue, whale evolution, etc. Thank you and your crew and your supporters for this amazing and necessary work!" Dr. Carl Werner, 11/1/2019

- Susan C on our YouTube channel: Oh my, I cannot believe I found this, you. Your program changed my life! Ha! I was a stubborn teen in the mid 90s and battling spiritually. I’d watch your shows all the time & You would tick me off so much about what you would say, but I loved the debate I would have with myself. Anyways, I committed my life to Christ in my early 20’s.. I owe you a "thank you" for being a part of that! Thx!!

- Logan from Illinois: My name is Logan J______ from Peoria, Illinois. I’m a huge fan of both Bob Enyart Live and, especially, Real Science Radio! I listen throughout the week and also dig through your archives, which I absolutely love. Just wanted to send a very sincere thank you for doing what you guys do in following the Lord’s leading, speaking truth to the masses! My wife J____ and I are in our twenties. Some in our Bible study group, sadly, have called me controversial, upset by my statements, even though those statements came directly from the Word of God, which they were holding in their hands. I deeply appreciate your guys’ unwavering, unafraid, and undying commitment to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and His Word when it comes to both morality, as well as science and history. It means more than I can put into words!

- P. L. Border Patrol Agent: I am a Christian and a Border Patrol Agent. With my wife we homeschool our four children. I'm fascinated by the creation movement and stumbed across Real Science Radio after watching Bryan Nickel's Hydroplate Theory global flood Youtube videos. As in your Big Bang video, the media keeps reporting discoveries of things that shouldn't exist, if the secular theories are correct! I am loving RSR's science videos. Keep up the good work! I'm glad I found you and your organization.

- R & B G: Our 12 year old really enjoys listening to RSR and checking out KGOV’s website. He’s recently used the list of evidence against the Big Bang, your page about pot, and Bob's debates with atheists to share truth with our public schooled neighbors. E___ told us he’s very thankful for Mr. Enyart and his teachings. We love you guys! -R & B G

- A Lutheran Sunday School teacher: The kinds of scientific discoveries that you guys report on, much of it published in leading science journals, that support young-earth creation, is the only thing that I have found that actually reaches the young kids that I work with... the amazing scientific discoveries that Real Science Radio shares that demonstrate that God is indeed our Creator! Thank you so very much for your work! And may God bless your continued outreach!

A Reformed Theologian: This prolific man with 6,000 posts at wrote, "At present, the gold standard for live debates with open theists remains Dr. James White's debate with Bob Enyart."

- A YouTube Viewer: Beneath our Ramsey murder video with a quarter-million views, Maire comments on and BEL's Clue that Breaks the Case:

Ramsey murder comment on BEL's Clue that Breaks the Case: "This the best" analysis...

- L K in the midwest: The Real Science Radio broadcasts and articles are among the greatest new apologetics resources! God is using Bob and Fred in an incredibly powerful way to show that His Word is Truth! RSR’s many different topics, whether it’s evidence for the Flood, how the genome and genetics scream intelligent design, biological tissue in fossils validating their young ages, and everything else in between, have been beyond encouraging and faith strengthening to listen to and learn about! And thank you for promoting Dr. Walt Brown’s fountains of the great deep Hydroplate Theory and Bryan Nickel’s HPT videos! Listening to the two of you in the HPT Heat Series was wonderful too, as with Ellen McHenry Debunking Plate Tectonics! I pray that God continues to bless you guys richly!

- Homeschool Dad in Washington: Bob, we watched your TV program when N.E.T. was broadcast on DishNet and we recorded most of your shows to help homeschool my kids in Washington state. I called in once when you asked if anyone in the audience could present even ONE good reason for lawyers. ... Many times you made it clear that as our government and others actually institutionalized the acceptance of homosexual behavior, that it was a "SLIPPERY SLOPE". Now look around (I’m sure you have) and see how right you were. Thank you for your work! Not all ears are deaf. - Mark P.
p.s. BEL's EVOLVE program shows how STUPID the concept of random design is. If you can relaunch that amazing little program, I think would make an even BIGGER impact than it did in the 90s! [from a 7/5/19 email]

- "Crow" on TOL: An atheist who initially compared Bob to televangelist frauds until he became a Christian through BEL!

- David Reynolds: I've listened to several of Bob's debates including those that Will Duffy has participated in and their opponents always come across as arrogant and argumentative whereas Bob and Will win everytime. Keep up the good fight guys!

- Mitchell D: I just want to say about the"word" option for topics, It's BRILLIANT! That simple feature sets KGOV and RSR apart! It makes finding information on your site about a topic so EASY. [Examples:, whatever!] I often put a link in comments I post and that feature makes it so easy to do! Even when I don't use the same word you mention on the air, it still seems to get to the right place! (How in the world does that work, anyway? :) Also, similarly, your BEL and RSR engines are great time savers and amazing too.

RSR endorsement text from contractor at Los Alamos Nat'l Labs- BB Consultant: Sent text and then called: "I'm no scientist but just a consultant for heavy industrial equipment. I was brought in by Los Alamos to help out at their LANSCE Accelerator Facility where they did research for the Manhattan Project. Because of Real Science Radio, I'm able to engage in conversation with the engineers and scientists here. Thanks Bob & Fred!"

- Morning after Aurora Theater Massacre: Dear Pastor Enyart, I awakened this morning to the radio's reports of the horrible killings in Aurora. My prayers went immediately to God to show us how to heal our wounded culture from this senseless disregard for life. This prayer led me to my thoughts of you and to your wonderful teachings about respect for life... Thank you for all that you do to teach the absolutes that we so vitally need in our world... for your respect of life, and praise of God and His laws... Please keep preaching the Word... our only hope to be delivered from this evil that lives among us. Best regards, Chet B.

- Reviews of Bob's life's work The Plot: An Overview of the Bible

See below for the back cover endorsements, but first, reviews...

It was right in front of my eyes the whole time...

By C. Blair on January 29, 2012
Bob Enyart's life's work: The PlotBob Enyart's The Plot is the single most helpful book I've ever read on how to understand the Bible as a whole and rightly divide the Word. It is an exceptionally thorough, hermeneutically consistent book that lives up to its intended goal. That being to show the reader how to understand how audience and context are critical in understanding what many consider "problem texts". Once Bob removed this one overlooked and essential to understand truth, the ignorance that had created a bottleneck in my mind, was removed. Now I can really appreciate God's redemptive plan and Bible study is MUCH more enjoyable when you can see "The Plot".


By Mike Harton October 20, 2011
I started reading this book expecting to hear the opinion of yet another "Christian author" trying to sell their version of what they think about God's Word. Wow! It didn't take long for me to appreciate the concise and logical approach that Bob Enyart takes in explaining the overview of the Bible. Finally, I was able to easily tie up so many loose ends left from other Bible teachers through years and years of studying for the Truth. If there is one book you will read to help you better understand Biblical principles, it has to be the Plot by Bob Enyart. I highly recommend this book to everyone from all backgrounds and faiths.

All I can say is wow! - fasten your seat belts!

By Jeff Smithon December 29, 2014
This manuscript is for the frustrated pastor, bible student or anyone who is bugged by some seeming discrepancies in the bible. "The Plot" will show you that the scriptures actually mean what they say! It deals with ten of the most divided topics between well-meaning Christians and then explains why they are so divided! See if you have discussed or dealt with any of these subjects with other Christians in the following list: Can Believers can lose their salvation or not, Baptism is necessary for salvation or not, Believers must speak in tongues or not, God will answer prayers of faith or many good prayers go unanswered, Miracles and healing are assured or not, There is no pre-tribulation rapture or there is, Believers must keep the law or is it grace alone? Salvation by faith requires works or faith only not works, Believers must keep the Sabbath or not, Unclean foods are prohibited or all foods are clean! Ever deal with any of these issues? Now, just a fair warning, this is a long and exhaustive manuscript because it has to be. Bob attempts to unwind the biases and makes you face the scripture for what it says rather than trying to explain it away. As someone who has read the Holy Bible for over 30 years I have run into many problem texts that "The Plot" made clear and undeniable. You have to approach this book more as a step by step curriculum that will dismantle your preconceived ideas of what certain scriptures mean, then there's the unwinding of personal bias and embarrassment once he shows the passage that explains it all. I promise you, it will take time and a lot of thinking but it will lead you to a clearer path in understanding the Bible, it's purpose, it's people and what God has planned for the Body of Christ as well as the kingdom he has promised to the Jewish people. My thanks to Bob for this incredible work!

Nothing will give you a better understanding and overview of the bible than this.

Listen to Bob teach through The Plot in downloadable audio or on MP3 CDsBy Donna S. on June 27, 2015
Nothing will give you a better understanding and overview of the Bible than this. We discovered this book years ago and it has truly saved us from much false and misguided teaching. A must for all who long to understand the scriptures.

What Biblical contradictions?

By BadBradon April 24, 2015
This book brings clarity to all of the difficult apparent contradictions of the Bible. It changed my outlook on so many scriptures that I had struggled with my whole life. This a must read for all Christians.

Five Stars

By Allen McSparrinon April 2, 2015
A must read for all bible students. Has answered many questions I have always had.

Read your Bible and understand it!

By Janette Mayfield "Nettie"on April 14, 2015
WOW... amazing book to aid in your understanding of the Bible.

Bob Enyart's life's work: The Plot* Reviews on The Plot from store.kgov.comWrite your own review!

  1. GREAT! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Tyler on 4th May 2019
    I’ve been reading lately wanting to learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m glad I decided to read this one early in my study! I haven’t finished it yet but loving it, can’t put it down.

  2. WOW! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Dec 2017
    I just received it today, but I can already see a few things that are confusing to me and reading a couple of paragraphs am excited to continue reading. Love the fact that you placed the footnotes with the text and I do not have to go to the end of the document to see the extra information. Thank you for that.

  3. OPENED MY EYES! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2017
    Put away preconceived notions and be prepared to be wowed. I have always had questions that I could never find answers. A co-worker recommended The Plot to me and now I can see the big picture when studying the Bible. One of the best books I have read on the Bible.


    Posted by Tony Funderburk on 29th Feb 2016
    I got the plot a number of years ago, and I also made sure to get the audio presentation. Bob calls this his "life's work" and this book clearly illustrates a life well-spent. Your time would be well spent to go through this book page by page, issue by issue, doctrinal dispute by doctrinal dispute. Then you will be so much better equipped to "give a reason for that hope that lies within you"...with gentleness, respect, and powerful information.


    Posted by Michael Helweg on 15th Dec 2015
    I've been a believer over 25 years, listener of BEL for about a year. I have learned more listening to Bob this past year than I had in probably over the previous decade.
    If you like Bob's Theology Thursday broadcasts, The Plot will tie it all together in one resource. I believe Bob's systematic theology works better than any other I've studied. In addition, studying the Bible has never been so enjoyable!
    To me, The Plot serves more as an overview of theology, (than of the Bible) based on the focus and chronology. For example, it assumes the reader has already been bogged down with poor theology rather than starting with a clean slate.
    The large 325-page textbook could be consolidated into a more streamlined package with careful editing. But the content is excellent. 
    Couldn't recommend any more highly! Thanks Bob!

  6. THE PLOT UNTHICKENS 5 Star Review

    Posted by Todd Pitner on 28th Sep 2015
    I heard a very favorable review about this book a while back...and decided to track it down. I ordered 10 copies through and will be giving to all my loved ones as the perfect Christmas present. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have not yet read the book myself (they only arrived a couple of days ago). I will be fully enjoying it over the next couple of weeks, though. ANYTHING written by Bob Enyart is a worthy read/study. I can't wait.


    Posted by tcarey/deertome on 22nd May 2015
    This is the easiest to understand overview of the bible ever written.
    It is amazing how easy to understand scripture becomes when you see the big picture. Every verse becomes clear in its meaning and you don't need to "spiritualize" everything to make it make sense. 
    Great book and I have given away more than 10 of them to help those who need to grow in their Christianity.

From the Back Cover of The Plot:

The Plot is the biblical blockbuster of our time—the result of twenty-five years
of Bible research. Mr. Enyart has served believers tremendously.
‑Bob Hill, dean of Derby School of Theology, Denver

Every chapter is the best chapter. Theology doesn’t get any better than this.
‑Greg Perry, international best-selling author with over two million books sold

The Plot helped me understand the Bible so that now
reading Scripture is a joy and no longer a chore.
Gordon Carroll, sheriff’s deputy, Denver Metropolitan Area

History will eventually point to this book as the paradigm shift that moved
the Body of Christ to a much clearer understanding of Scripture.

‑Bob Ball, retired aerospace engineer, South Bend

After a Plot seminar in Louisiana, "Listening to Bob Enyart
teach the Bible is like watching Michael Jordan play basketball."
Ricky Newcomer, major Bulls fan and draftsman, Monroe

Bob Enyart has written flat-out, the best book ever for understanding the Bible.
‑John Mangopoulos, publisher, Unreported News, Lansing

After the book cleared up so many problem passages,
I felt that each chapter was worth its weight in gold.
Weighing the manuscript, I’d estimate each chapter’s worth at about $500.
‑Burt Wagner, renowned engineer, Denver

Take this startling journey into truth. So traditional, at each step, everything
appears familiar.  Yet, as an expert guide revealing new wonders (Mat. 13:52),
Bob Enyart brings the Bible to life with often ignored passages.

‑Messianic Rabbi and author, Eliezer Urbach, Denver

Real Science Radio Reviews on Apple Podcast:

5 star review!somelistenerinTexas, 06/03/2018

Fascinating and compelling

I’m not a Christian, but the RSR info has been overwhelming me by using actual reason, and articulating that reason well. This seems to be real science.

5 star review!nickman3314, 06/15/2018

Real science radio

I think it is just so awesome that Bob and Fred are getting the real truth out there for us.

5 star review!Roaring_T_Rex, 12/11/2017

Thanks so much

Thanks for extending your show outside your state! I love your podcast; don't quit!

5 star review!Nike Smoker,

easy to understand science

I love the way this show makes any science issue understandable. They cover everything from atoms to galaxies. With the different topics and different guests, I always find this show enjoyable.

5 star review!Cheri-CreationScience4Kids,

An Independent View of Creation Science

You may not always like his style or agree with him, but you will learn a lot to think about.

Pastor Enyart really knows his stuff. He specializes in introducing us to scientific evidence you don't hear about in too many places. He has fascinating guests from around the world, and isn't afraid to think outside the popular positions in the YEC (young earth creation) community.

Apple Podcast current rating for Bob Enyart Live: 5.0 stars out of 5!Email to BEL: Using the Contact Us form...

From: Joyce Campbell
Date: Feb 15, 2011
Subject: The Plot
Message: A bible scholar I know highly recommends I read The Plot.

From: Gina Marie Hoff
Date: Sept 2, 2020
Subject: Thank you Bob
Message: Hi Bob! My family and I are learning SO much from you. It's impossible to thank you enough for the profound and meaningful difference you've made in our relationship and understanding of our Lord. 

From: Charles C.
Date: July 18, 2019
Subject: My Daughter and The Plot
Message: My daughter texted me out of the blue this afternoon.
Nicole: Man, I love Bob Enyart.
Me: That's good to hear. What were you listening to or reading that prompted this?
Nicole: I'm listening to his podcast and he was interviewing some guy [Brandon from Clinton Township, MI] and they talked about his book The Plot. I just feel like I'm on the brink of really understanding the Bible and the Gospel. I've asked pastors so many questions and have received so many non-answers. Bob's teaching makes so much sense. Finally! It's refreshing.
Me: Agreed!

* A Pastor's Kid from Ohio: An adult son of an pastor from Ohio thanked us here at KGOV for making available our DVD, The Bible, Divorce & Remarriage, saying that he loves the scriptural teaching in this video and was amazed at the rarely considered Bible verses it presents!