26th Victim, Lesser of Two Evils, Venezuela & Roy Moore's Collapse

* Additional Roy Moore Scandal BEL Shows: After airing so many interviews with and positive programs about kgov.com/roy-moore, Bob Enyart, sadly, makes the case against Judge Moore in a series of programs beginning with today's mentions.
- 11/8/2017: Today's program aka kgov.com/roy-moore-scandal
- 11/13/2017: If the Four had Accused Moore's Opponent...
- 11/15/2017: We Know Moore's Accusers are Telling the Truth
- 11/20/2017: Political vs biblical approach of judging accusations
- 11/27/2017: Bob Revisits the Roy Moore Sexual Scandal
- 12/13/2017: Revisting Roy Moore's election loss 
- 1/7/2019: Democratic Fake News deceptions (unrelated to Moore's scandal) 
And see Bob Enyart's many previous endorsements and important shows with and about Roy Moore.

Weinstein Reversing the Clinton Thing... And Roy Moore: Of the many confirmed kgov.com/predictions over the decades, one that Bob Enyart got very wrong was that a 1992 sexual accusation against Bill Clinton would prevent him from winning the presidency. Since Hillary defended her predator husband though it has been open season on women. It is truly wonderful that women victims are getting their day in court, so to speak, and that the Clinton Curse is being reversed. Now however comes the accusations by four women, then teenagers, of a 30-something Roy Moore flirting and kissing, and with one of them, then 14, of groping and more. Judge Moore has denied all of this, alleged to have occurred when these women were 14, 16, 17, and 18. The accusations apparently come from women who do not know one another; who had not even gone public but were found by reporters; some of whom have contemporaneous or early witnesses to their accounts; and some of whom have consistently voted Republican. The Bible is a criminal justice textbook and it says that two or three witnesses establish a matter. True, there is more to it than that, but often, that is mostly what matters. Yet plenty of conservatives, who have eagerly greeted all the group accusations against liberal men, will now tend to behave like Hillary with a knee-jerk accusation against these women. Certainly Christians should be more concerned about the truth and about ending the epidemic of men using women and girls, than they are about the partisan obsession of losing a Senate seat. [Today's BEL radio program does not address this matter.]

Correction: Bob Enyart wrongly reported that the youngest victim of Sunday's atheist massacre of Christians was a 17-month old child. However, the youngest murder victim is the 8-month old unborn child of Crystal Holcombe. To understand that particular battleground, see ColoradoRTL.org/fetal-homicide.

Venezuela: Bob also updates the collapse in Venezuela with the eating of pets and zoo animals and the growing prostitution epidemic including the trafficking of children.

CRTL Saturday Night: If you can get to Denver, you're invited Saturday evening at 6:30 p.m. to the Colorado Right To Life annual film and strategy session (see ColoradoRTL.org) at Denver Bible Church, 4085 Independence Ct., Wheat Ridge, CO, 80034.

Genesis at the Movies: Wherever you are, we invite you to attend a local showing of the Fathom Event, Genesis Paradise Lost: God Made Everything and it was Good, at a theater near you! Bob Enyart and RSR volunteers will be at the 7 p.m. showing at the UA Colorado Mills theater in Golden. We'll have two tables set up, one at the 3D and one at the standard screenings; we'll hand out literature; and we'll go to the next door Yard House afterward to discuss the film!

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