If the Four had Accused Roy Moore's Opponent...

* The Four: Bob Enyart identifies and applies biblical principles regarding both the allegations against Roy Moore and the public outcry against men abusing women and minors. Post-show update: And then there were five. (to be continued...)

* Additional Roy Moore Scandal BEL Shows: See Bob's series of programs that, sadly, make the case against Judge Moore begins at kgov.com/roy-moore-scandal. And see Bob Enyart's previous endorsements and important shows with and about Roy Moore. 

* Genesis in a Theater Near You -- Tonight! We invite you to attend a local showing of the Fathom Event, Genesis Paradise LostGod Made Everything and it was Good, at a theater near you. Bob Enyart and some of the RSR crew will be at the 7 p.m. showing at the UA Colorado Mills theater in Golden. We'll have two tables set up, one at the 3D and one at the standard screenings. We'll be handing out the Richard Dawkins 3 to 1 Evolution Challenge, and with whomever would like to join us, we'll go to the next door to the Yard House restaurant afterward to discuss the film!

NY Times says an "alleged reporter" is posing as one of their alleged journalists :)And from kgov.com/alleged-journalists: BEL Often Refers to "Alleged Journalists": Speaking of Lisa Miller, after years of Bob Enyart Live referring to reporters as "alleged journalists", apparently that practice is catching on. The New York Times is contesting Contessa Bourbon's four-year long stint of posing as a Time reporter. Ha! They've got reporters actually being paid by the Times who have been posing as journalists for decades!