How We Know Roy Moore's Accusers Are Telling the Truth

* The Political Approach vs. the Biblical Standard: There is a political approach, and there is a biblical standard, for evaluating the truth of a matter. When the black community hears the evidence against O.J. Simpson or Ferguson's Michael Brown, because of their mistrust others, they don't apply the biblical standard of weighing the evidence but instead their bias moves them to dismiss even very credible evidence. Likewise, because Clinton supporters don't trust their opposition, instead of weighing the evidence from his accusers their bias moves them to dismiss even very credible evidence. For how importantly Judge Roy Moore could have influenced America in a godly way, that pales compared to King David through whom God established the throne which Christ would inherit and from whose body the Messiah would come. Yet God exposed David's adultery and cover-up and put it in the Bible for all the world to see even though the consequences tore apart David's family and then his nation. Yet today, America's conservative Christian community is behaving like Democrats and liberal blacks in their conspiracy-minded dismissal of the real victims and the actual evidence.

* Building on Monday's Program: Today Bob Enyart presents audio evidence from Judge Roy Moore in which he himself corroborates the fundamental claim of three of his five accusers. Bob also explains why the timing of the accusations is not at all suspicious or surprising but is fully expected, and shows that only one of the five women, with the least of the accusations, has had a connection to Democratic campaigns, whereas the three most serious accusations, including the two of criminal behavior, sexual assault and attempted rape of minors, come from Republicans. Also, there are now about two dozen somewhat contemporaneous witnesses who say that Roy Moore in his 30s was known to troll for young girls, leer at young girls, was said to have been in relationships with young girls, and sexually assaulted young girls, with many of these being contemporaneous from the time of the events and others hearing from the women accusing him within a couple years, a decade, and at least a few years ago.

Note: Judge Roy Moore has long been a hero of Bob's, as at Now in 2016, sadly, Enyart's series of programs that address the accusations against the judge of criminal sexual activity begins at