(Some) Morality in Media

* Morality in Media Won't Support Recriminalizing Trafficking in Human Sexuality: Pornography horrifically victimizes women (and men of course) and is a form of prostitution, especially the video pornography with women being paid to have sex with men in front of cameras. Sadly though, Bob Enyart unsuccessfully asked Bob Peters, president of (Some) Morality in Media, to join BEL in our call to recriminalize pornography. Tragically, Bob Peters refused.

* Dr. James Dobson & Focus on the Family are Pro-Choice on Pornography: Bob Peter's refusal to advocate the re-criminalization of pornograph (including its related prostitution) reminded Bob Enyart of Dr. James Dobson's sad influence as a member of the President's Commission on Pornography when Dr. Dobson did not advocate that prostitution, including when videotaped and sold, should be against the law. Instead, sadly, as Focus on the Family has done for years with:
- abortion (murder, violates the 6th commandment)
- fornication, homosexuality, and adultery (7th commandment: sex only legitimate within marriage), and
- socialism (theft, violates the 8th commandment),
Dr. Dobson advocates only the regulation of pornography. That Dr. Dobson agreed with the report (also called the Att'y General's Report on Obscenity and Pornography) is not disputed and when asked basically whether any of the commission members dissented, Ed Meese answered "No" in a C-SPAN press conference. (Child killing regulations, by the way, are just as ineffective and immoral, and even more repulsive, than the attempt to regulate human sexual commerce.)

* Here's the Presentation Given to Focus on the Family Recorded Before 300 Christian Activists: When the full elder board of Denver Bible Church met in Colorado Springs with Focus vice president of public policy, Tom Minnery, and two of the group's judicial analysts, the presentation (see it below) discussed the decriminalization of pornography. You can see what Pastor Bob Enyart presented to Focus (at 13:30 into the below video or directly on YouTube.) After his presentation, Pastor Enyart asked Tom Minnery if Focus on the Family would consider advocating a re-criminalization of pornography. Minnery responded that Dr. Dobson participated as a member on the President's Commission on Pornography and that he agreed with the finding of the commission that there is a "first amendment right" to produce pornography, and so while Focus advocates bans on "obscenity", it does not support any effort to recriminalize pornography.  

* Concerned Women for America & Spokesman Robert Knight Pro-Choice on Pornography: In the above video, at 16:50 in, Bob asks an official with CWA whether their organization would support the recriminalization of pornography. Apparently, it is epidemic that America's Christian leaders have conceded to the humanists the legitimizing of the sexual exploitation of women. For more information, see American Right To Life's documentary series, Focus on the Strategy, at AmericanRTL.org/Focus1.