Dobson's Fail on the President's Commission on Pornography

* The 'Second Coming' and the First Strategy Presentation: Bob Enyart briefly updates yesterday's mention of the ten-fold explosion in the Trump era of of politicians cursing and today he ads blasphemy and a Messiah complex to the mix.

* Dobson's Fail on the President's Commission on Pornography: Then Bob spends the rest of the program on Focus on the Family and specifically Dr. James Dobson, who served catastrophically on the President's Commission on Pornography, Concerned Women for America and Morality in Media, all legitimizing pornography. They have forgotten that it should be criminal to traffic in human sexuality and that sex outside of marriage is inherently criminal. As with homosexuality and the killing of unborn children, Focus, Dr. Dobson, etc., recommend only the "regulation" of pornography, as though it is not a form of institutionalized prostitution. And with Christian leaders thus legitimizing pornography (i.e., declaring it legally valid), of course, there is no shortage of others who made it even more destructive and available at every moment and to everyone, including to children.