Slaughter of the Dissidents Author Slaughtered

* Engraving His Own Tombstone: Like the engraver carving his own tombstone, Dr. Jerry Bergman is writing his own career obituary in the upcoming Vol. 4 of his planned 5-volume series that started with the first volume of The Slaughter of the Dissidents. Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Bergman about his own termination after decades teaching successfully at the college and university level.

* Mutual Acquaintances Slaughtered: The two men mention their mutual acquaintances who were also unjustly terminated, or robbed of a Nobel Prize, including the inventor of the MRI Raymond Damadian, a Smithsonian journal editor Richard Sternberg, Jet Propulsion Lab's Cassini ground systems administrator David Coppedge, and Cambridge University's protein laboratory researcher Doug Axe.

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