How Bob Enyart Influenced the World

Today on the Dominic Enyart Show, it has now been over a year since we lost the late great Pastor Bob Enyart. We’re going to take a look at how Bob influenced the world, and then listen in on Zachary Enyart as he explains the trick Bob used to do so.

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Our Top Accomplishments: By our estimation, but in no particular order, of our more significant accomplishments:
Clinton Raped Juanita protests in 145 cities (search: clinton juanita broaddrick. Google ranking #5 of 200k.) 
* Exposing Dr. James Dobson's admittedly broken pledge to God, which Focus on the Family still used as a fundraiser
* The world's largest protest sign on the mountain overlooking Denver (or just search: world's largest protest sign) as one of our 12 most notable protests  
Burned O.J. Simpson's auctioned-off memorabilia and recommending changes to the criminal justice (just-a) system 
Evidence against the Big Bang video and #1 ranked web articles at and
Global Flood & Hydroplate Theory video and broadcast promotions of this powerful flood model
* Producing American RTL's Focus on the Strategy documentary trilogy on how to recriminalize abortion
Bob Enyart Live (1990s podcast pioneer) and made into a Christianity wiki of thousands of answers
Real Science Radio hundreds of science programs and articles with great Google rankings and fun List Shows  
God's Criminal Justice System seminar presented from Honolulu to Pittsburgh and available at our
God's Biblical Attributes video based on the teachings at and falsifying utter immutabililty 
* Creating, the list of 550+ verses, and our God and Time series
The Plot: Bob's life work subtitled: An Overview of the Bible is the Key to its Details
Debating scores of opponents to a biblical Christian worldview (
* A recorded verse-by-verse study through much of the Bible (in progress)
* Launching American, & revived
* Producing the video Mount Moriah: Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
* Broadcasting our (continuing and unconsolidated) list of reasons to flee public school 
* The parents of a thousand kids thanking BEL for encouraging them to homeschool
* With a half-dozen families and from a church across town, planting the little church that couldDenver Bible Church!

What We Believe & Why We Believe ItToday's Resource: What We Believe & Why We Believe It (Blu-ray, DVD, or Video Download)

This is an update of our "Christianity 101" series in eight parts!

1. The Bible Itself (revelation, inspiration, illumination, canon)
2. God (attributes, trinity)
3. The Created Beings (angels and man; then the animals)
4. The Old Testament (overview)
5. The New Testament (overview)
6. The Overall Plot of the Bible (dispensations; law and grace; Israel and the Body)
7. The End Times and Hell
8. Eternal Life and Heaven