The Creator's Coding Library: Winston Ewert on RSR

An example Dependency Graph of Life based on Ewert
Based on Ewert, 2018

Get ready to think. And brace yourself. Winston Ewert, Ph.D. from Baylor University in computer engineering, explains why Darwin's tree of life is being cut down ( as genetic discoveries  ( confound the hypothesis of common descent. Dr. Ewert describes his insight, as published in Bio-Complexity, in seven stunning words: "DNA is the product of a compiler." The Creator designed genetic sofware, so to speak, writing DNA code libraries, and then called upon those coding libraries in hierarchical patterns as He called into existence the various kinds of living organisms. Note: We'd like to thank Yvon, a Real Science Radio listener from Vancouver, British Columbia, who recommended Dr. Ewert's paper.

Darwin's Tree of Life Sketch: "I think" Not! Rigorous mathematical analysis, briefly discussed on today's program and detailed in Ewert's paper, is indicating that rather than genomes reflecting Darwin's "tree" (see Charle's sketch, right, although as modified by RSR), the data is far better explained by the software model of a "dependency graph". Ewert works at the Biologic Institute, a research arm of Seattle-based Discovery Institute, which, outside of the young-earth creation movement, is the primary organization promoting intelligent design. The one disagreement that Bob Enyart raised regarded Dr. Ewert's claim that the "compiler" that the Creator used to produce DNA was actually a kind of machine that God made, whereas Bob argued that God Himself compiled the code, from the coding libraries that He had previously written and had retained in His memory. God the Son is the Author, the Word, the Creator, and by Winston's insight, the Compiler. 

DVD of creationist Bob Enyart debating Eugenie Scott, Ph.D. on evolution and junk DNA* Bob Enyart vs. Eugenie Scott on TV: A while back Real Science Radio aired six minutes of audio from Bob's 1998 informal debate with leading anti-creationist Eugenie Scott. Genetic scientists, Dr. Scott  tells Enyart, were "over the hump" and affirmatively knew that pseudogenes had no function and that such "junk DNA" was therefore evidence against the existence of a Designer. Hear the fundamentalist Bible teacher disagree with the degreed scientist, and guess who science has vindicated? Get the DVD Bob Debates an Evolutionist!

Bob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D. of NCSEThe debate is decided in the first round, by TKO. That’s after Bob asked the well-known scientist for any evidence that any high-level function had ever evolved, like eyesight, or hearing, or flight, or mobility in general? Through the hour-long debate, this evolutionist refused to offer any such evidence but finally settled on a claim of evidence against design, which was: junk DNA! Ha!

Example dependency graph from Ewert, 2018
Ewert, 2018

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* A Compiler, Quantum Data Table, or God's Mind: Considering whether God created a compiler or was Himself the compiler, and whether matter is made of something physical or whether matter is made of information. If it is made of information, a question arises about the fields in a quantum information packet (i.e., a quip; the data record that expresses a proton, an electron, a photon, etc.). Are the values in a quip's fields constants? Or, are they pointers? Hear RSR discuss the likelihood that they are not constants, but the value fields for the properties of elementary particles contain pointers to the values stored in either a metaphysical data table or in God's mind. RSR's hypothesis is that these values are stored in God's memory and thus His remembrance of such is what is meant by the scripture teaching that He upholds "all things by the word of His power".

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Evolutionists change their selection of what evidence they use to show 'lineage', from DNA to fossils to genes to anatomy to proteins to behavior to developmental similarities to habitat to RNA, etc. and to a combination of such. Darwinism is an entire endeavor based on selection bias, a kind of logical fallacy. By anti-science they arbitrarily select evidence that best matches whichever evolutionary story is currently preferred."
-Bob Enyart,