Tim Mahoney on RSR on the Patterns Collector's Edition

Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart welcomes back Timothy Mahoney, the writer and director of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus! Tim's documentary film collects and beautifully presents about sixty archaeological finds never before assembled in one place and never before available to the masses. Thus in the past few years defenders of the faith worldwide have gone from admitting that the events in the second book of Moses were among the least well-attested by archaeology to where the Exodus is now powerfully corroborated with an extensive pattern of evidence that spans cities, centuries, and continents! Bob encourages everyone to first watch the film (get it at rsr.org/exodus)! Then, you'll want the Collector's Set, the Patterns hardcover book, and for teenagers, kids and grand kids, the Young Explorers Box Set! And don't forget to sign up for occasionally emailed updates to Mahoney's great Thinker Update blog!

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