Matt Slick Cross-Examines Will Duffy Pt. 2

* Bacteria was Always Bacteria! Bob gives a brief science news update on the allegedly 3.5 million-year-old bacteria species that are just like today's bacteria, as per the creation model! (Check out also the 433 mammal species fossils that have been excavated from the alleged "Age of the Reptiles" strata that contain dinosaur fossils. [Minor YouTube Milestone: The BEL YouTube channel is about to reach 350,000 views! Please consider clicking on over there; finding a video you're interested in; and giving it a watch to help us hit this minor milestone! Thank you so much!]

* Is God Free to Love? Can God Actually Foreknow? Bob Enyart then continues airing and commenting on Matt Slick cross-examining Will Duffy from this month's Open Theism debate. Topics include 1) God being free to love or not love; and 2) God foreknowing that He would create, which is something that only open theists believe is literally true about God rather than (as with Calvinism, Arminianism, atemporality, timelessness, and their "eternal now") that doctrine being just a meaningless figure of speech.  Duffy is the founder of (the official home of the debate) and Slick is the founder of, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.