Will Duffy Cross-Examines Matt Slick

* Program Summary: After a news update on sexual harassment about John Conyers and Mary Tyler Moore, Bob airs the beginning of Will Duffy's cross examination from this past weekend's Open Theism debate versus Matt Slick. Duffy is the founder of opentheism.org (the official home of the debate) and Slick is the founder of carm.org, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.

* Hollywood and Respect for Women are Mutually Exclusive: What should Christians do about the Hollywood/Harvey sexual harassment scandal? The full scandal includes all such predators and everyone who enabled such harassers and molesters. So it's really the Hollywood/Harvey/Huma/Hillary sexual harassment scandal. We Christians need to continue to point out that:
- Respect for women and a porn industry are mutually exclusive.
- Respect for women and nudity in Hollywood films are mutually exclusive.
- Respect for women and Hollywood making fun of women being violated are mutually exclusive.
- Respect for women and the Mary Tyler Moore Show are mutually exclusive. Now that Moore has passed away maybe it’s okay to point out how despicable she was for allowing on her program jokes about women enjoying being violated. In the first few minutes of today's program Bob airs audio of the final instance of that running gag, which aired on the final episode of her show when the punchline was that a regular character on the program actually enjoyed being violated.
- Respect for women and Disney are mutually exclusive. Disney fights in court and in the marketplace (see YouTube video below) to stop families and children from watching popular movies (streamed on Netflix or Amazon Prime, etc.), via VidAngel so that they can filter out whatever the parents choose, including excessive gore, nudity, and cuss words. Their undermining respect for women is even more obvious now that the Disney’s John Lasseter has he been suspended without pay being credibly accused of sexual harassment. Lasseter headed up the film projects at both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. And, along with their aggressive promotion of homosexuality, Disney also worked to minimize the stigma of pedophilia when they hired a convicted child molester, Victor Salva, who videotaped his crime against a young boy. They hired Salva to produce their movie Powder which argues that just because you’re different doesn’t mean you’re bad. No kidding. Just as obvious: You’re bad if you’re Disney.