Valuable Lessons from Poor Examples

* Calling All Popes: …or at least this Pope, to resign, turn himself in and have the decency to disband the increasingly corrupt Catholic Church.

* Criminals & Aliens: Bob  and co-host Doug McBurney reveal that it was a criminal and not aliens that shut down the New Mexico Solar Observatory, (despite the desire of increasing numbers of the masses to want it to be aliens).

* Coincidence or Determinism? Hear about a few of the many interesting coincidences Bob’s ministry has experienced over the years, get a preview of this coming Friday’s RSR, and learn about how Newtonian Physics and modern theology stand to gain profitable insights from the world of Quantum Mechanics!

* The Kavanaugh/Blasey Probability: Find out why whether what she said, or he said is true, the fact remains that the behavior she describes is as predictable as puking on your room-mates furniture in the teenage culture fostered by Hollywood, Washington and the public schools.