RSR: Dinosaur Fossils Swimming in Clams

dinosaur & clam excavation site* Why were Dinosaurs Buried with Clams? Co-hosts Fred Williams with Creation Research Society, and Bob Enyart, on this episode of Real Science Friday draw from a recent news report that Bob and Cheryl noticed while in traveling in the Rocky Mountains with their three youngest boys. An unexpected fossil dig at Snowmass is producing a jumble of mammoth, mastodon, Ice Age bison, and giant ground sloth! And clams. Yes, clams. Captain Kirk's Denver Museum of Nature and Science counted (on one hand) the number of animal species excavated in Snowmass, but they missed the number by one. Not surprisingly, they ignored the lowly clam, as evolutionists like to downplay the clams (many fully articulated showing rapid burial) that are often found with dinosaur fossils and the remains of other land animals). For example, Dinosaur National Monument could be called Clam National Monument, since more clams are found there than dinosaurs. So, what were all those dinosaurs (including a nearby Allosaur excavated by a home-school family) doing swimming with so many clams?

* Swinging Gibbons: Bob and Fred also talk about the latest Answers magazine on swinging Gibbons, and tonight's showing at Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship of Darwin's Dilemma taking the Cambrian Explosion to it's logical, microbiological conclusion! (You can order this excellent DVD by calling 1-800-8Enyart.)

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* Post-show note: Bob mentioned a DVD, Raising the Allosaur, about a homeschool family who has the world's largest allosaur skull. There's a notice on Vision Forum's website about a related controversy.

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