Carl Werner Ape Man Fauds Part I

*Carl Werner, MD: Dr. Carl Werner received a degree in Biology at the University of Missouri, graduating summa cum laude. He then earned a Degree in Medicine where he scored in the top 1% in the nation for physicians on the Medical Boards. Dr. Werner recently retired from the practice of medicine in St Louis and spent years as an emergency room physician.

*Homeschool Resources: RSR is offering Dr. Werner's “Evolution: “The Grand Experiment” homeschool books & DVDs as valuable resources for parents and educators.

*From Poor William Jennings Bryan to Lying Rich Leakey: Tune in to hear Dr. Werner discuss the monumental culmination of his Evolution: The Grand Experiment series. Hear all about the massive frauds in the field of human evolution as he shares his life's work exploring the history and evidence behind his Grand Experiment series! You'll hear about deception and misleading information in museums, the presence of modern animals in dinosaur layers, and the lack of answers to fundamental questions in evolutionary biology.

*Fraud at the Museum: Check out Pastor Bob's report on Captain Kirk (Johnson) and the fraud he was caught trying to pass off to homeschoolers at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science!

*Overzealous, Mistaken & Fraudulent: Dr. Werner exposes rampant fraudulent practices in the field of paleontology, especially regarding Nebraska Man and Turkana Boy frauds. He highlights the intentional manipulation of evidence in the production of the story of human evolution. Dr. Werner emphasizes the need for critical examination of the fossil record and the importance of exposing these fraudulent practices. The conversation sheds light on the long history of silencing Christianity & creationists, and the ongoing battle between the forces of light versus darkness.
*Birds of a Feather:  Find out about a bird that starts out life the size of a penny, and can fly at 50MPH!
*From Minsky's to Heaven: Hear what got Carl started on his journey from an unbelieving college student, to a lifetime of study of evolutionary biology and salvation in Jesus Christ.