The Ark & The Darkness in Theatres March 20 & 21!

*An Intense Story of Judgment: Hear about "The Ark & the Darkness", including advice to parents, who may want to screen the film to decide whether or not to let youngsters under 8 or so watch the graphic depiction of the judgment of a Righteous God against the sinful antediluvian world.

*Dan Biddle, PhD is the Executive Producer of "The Ark & The Darkness". He's a behavioral scientist and HR consultant with a doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology. He is president of Genesis Apologetics, equipping pastors, parents and students with biblical answers to evolutionary teaching. Daniel has trained thousands of students in biblical creation and evolution issues, and is the author of several creation-related publications. His professional background includes 20 years’ experience in expert witness consulting/testimony in state/federal cases involving statistical research methods and psychometrics. He maintains an executive role in two HR consulting and test development firms.

*How the Movie Came to Be: The original story recorded by Moses about 4,000 years ago has been adapted for the big screen with narratives from experts, amazing cinematography and incredible CGI graphics delivering a stunning visual account of Noah's Ark and the Fountains of the Great Deep breaking forth! Hear all the behind the scenes details from Dr. Biddle!

*Dino Soft Tissue & More: Hear how the movie treats "unfossilized fossils," which have raised serious doubts about the secular view of the fossil record, and how dinosaur soft tissue has taken paleontology from a 100% consensus to a ZERO percent consensus regarding what dinosaur bones consist of!

*Hydroplate Theory: RSR did bring up our "in-house" disagreement over flood models and our support for Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory.