NASA Botches Planetary Defense (Part I w/Pastor Kevin Lea)

*Pastor Kevin Lea: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney welcome Pastor Kevin Lea of Calvary Church Port Orchard WA to discuss NASA's BIG mistake, and the latest news from earth and space in light of Hydroplate Theory!

* Shot in the DART: Hear the details regarding the DART mission and its impact on the asteroid Dimorphos, providing further evidence for the Hydroplate Theory of the origin of asteroids.

* The Best Defense: We discuss how understanding the make-up of asteroids and comets should guide research on planetary defense against impacts.
*Biblical Buckshot: The Biblical descriptions of meteoroid/asteroid impacts at Sodom & in Revelation match what was observed with Shoemaker Levy 9, and what would happen if a rockpile, (and not a single rock) was pulled down by earth's gravity.

*Lucy and Dinky: NASA's next probe Lucy is on its way to study 11 more asteroids, and has already shocked the world with the contact binary of Dinkenesh! (Not shocking by the HPT paradigm though)...