The Future of Earth (Part II w/Pastor Kevin Lea)

*Pastor Kevin Lea: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney welcome Pastor Kevin Lea of Calvary Church Port Orchard WA to discuss The future of Planet Earth in regard to asteroid collisions, celestial exploration, and Hydroplate Theory!
*Osiris REx: The professoriate at Northern Arizona University is not sure how or where the asteroid Bennu could have formed, but Bible Believer Kevin Lea offers the best explanation for its formation, (and its other features) that we've heard so far.
*Catastrophic Paradigm: Pastor Lea shares his concerns for flood models that deviate from the biblical text, require extra-biblical miracles, and are almost certain to follow secular models like Plate Tectonics into the ash-heap of history.
*To God be the Glory: Pastor Lea reminds us that our ultimate mission on earth, (and in space) is to declare the Glory of God, and to offer everyone the opportunity to come to a saving knowledge, and belief in the LORD Jesus Christ.