Carl Werner Ape Man Frauds Part II

*From Lucy to Bigfoot: Hear Dr. Carl Werner expose the frauds in the human evolution origins myth. He discusses the fraudulent claims made about Lucy, including the misrepresentation of her knee joint and the hiding of a human skull found at the Laetoli site. Dr. Werner also reveals the fraudulent practices of Raymond Dart in creating the ape man Australopithecus Prometheus. These frauds highlight the misleading and deceptive nature of the evolutionary narrative. Dr. Carl Werner discusses the extensive fraud in the field of human evolution, including the manipulation of fossils, creation of fraudulent evidence, and hidden fraud in whale evolution. He exposes the fraudulent claims surrounding Sahelanthropus Tchadensis and the deceptions around Tumai and Neanderthal Man. We also discuss the movie 'The Ark and the Darkness' which provides evidence for the historical accuracy of Genesis, (unlike evidence for the ape man frauds which are akin to evolutionary scientists recognizing Bigfoot as Washington State's official monster!

*Carl Werner, MD: Dr. Carl Werner received a degree in Biology at the University of Missouri, graduating summa cum laude. He then earned a Degree in Medicine where he scored in the top 1% in the nation for physicians on the Medical Boards. Dr. Werner recently retired from the practice of medicine in St Louis and spent years as an emergency room physician.

*Homeschool Resources: Dr. Werner's “Evolution: “The Grand Experiment” homeschool books & DVDs are highlighted as valuable resources for parents and educators.