BEL's Off-the-Record Interview with a Mandalay/MGM Employee

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Bob Enyart first updates the news on Sunday's Atheist Massacre of Christians. (Guns don't kill people. Atheists do.) Then he announces the December 1st and 2nd debates between CARM founder Matt Slick, the Calvinist, and founder Will Duffy, the one who believes that God has libertarian free will, and that God actually has foreknowledge. (To Calvinists, foreknowledge is a mere anthropomorphism. For they claim that with God there is no future nor past. So therefore, to them, God cannot actually do one thing before another; nor can He actually know anything before anything else. Thus, only the open theist believes that God actually can predestine and foreknow events.) Then Bob discusses his interview with an MGM employee who was working at the time of the massacre. The two men also discussed the paranoia that breeds the Mandalay conspiracy theory, which paranoia is a psychiatric syndrome and a symptom of personality disorder, which is a mental illness.

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