Quantum biology: Our seemingly impossible sense of smell

Free Schrödinger's cat. :)Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart continues with a second show discussing the growing field of quantum biology with Brian, an information systems guy with one of the world's major institutions who earned a double-major in both mechanical engineering and physics from Iowa State University. This engineer argues that some of the extraordinary abilities of biological organisms go beyond what seems possible from standard chemistry and physics. Quantum mechanics, astoundingly, enables dogs to detect chemical explosives and cancer in their owner, bears to sniff prey from miles away, and humans to distinguish over one trillion different odors. The startling, often sub-atomic, quantum world of the two-slit experiment and of wave/particle duality, of quantum entanglement, superposition, coherence and quantum tunneling, has disrupted the already wildly complex field of biology. Evidence is mounting that the most bewildering abilities of living organisms come courtesy of the Designer using quantum effects to accomplish what otherwise would seem to be impossible!

Evidence suggests that our sense of smell relies on quantum tunnelling. This is a quantum mechanical phenomenon whereby particles pass through barriers that, based on the physics of our every day experiences, they shouldn't be able to cross. Astonishingly, biological processes apparently exploit quantum mechanics to give God's creatures the widely diverse and amazing sense of smell that we often take for granted.

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