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Comet* Hydroplate Expert Kevin Lea Talks about Comets: In a special edition of Real Science Radio, Bob Enyart and Kevin Lea, a Washington state pastor with a background in nuclear physics, talk about comets: their size, speed, orbits, composition, and lifespan, and origin! They discuss the short lifespans of comets, their composition and orbits, all of which show that comets originated from Earth. The Bible records that the fountains of the great deep broke forth and flooded the Earth and, as it turns out, launched comets into space! Yes, every single comet came from Earth. Check out Walt Brown's fabulous chapter on The Origin of Comets! Hear also the conclusion of this fascinating discussion in RSR: Comets II.

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* God's Design of the Storehouses of the Great Deep: For a million species, as a contingency for the Fall, from the start God designed the robust survival capabilities that organisms would need to thrive on Earth after it lost its initial perfection. The Bible teaches that the rebellion did not only break mankind, but that it broke even the cosmos itself. God also designed the Earth with waters reserved for judgment as a contingency, that would perhaps be  automatically activated, in the case of mankind's rebellion. That contingency planning may have included a goal that went further, distance-wise, than just the terrestrial judgment of mankind. An additional design goal of God's work on Days 1, 2 and 3 of creation may have been to ensure that if man's sin spoiled the perfection of creation, that this same corruption would be manifest throughout the cosmos. Thus, by God's original design of the Earth, the Fall and the resultant eviction from the Garden may have led inexorably to the Flood. And then, by the destructive force of the fountains of the great deep, the damaging of the solar system itself (including the impactors that marred the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), may have resulted from God's intentional contingency planning in the original design of the Earth.   

2013 Update 1: See this fun affirmation of Walt Brown's comet theory, in David Mathisen's comet in the asteroid belt blog.
2013 Update 2: For more evidence for the Hydroplate Theory and its origin of comets explanation, see Comet ISON is Comet 1680 returned.
2014 Update 1: Hubble telescope photographed the "mysterious" breakup of an asteroid. This is not a mystery but instead is expected by students of the hydroplate theory, as explained in Kevin Lea's note below.
2014 Update 2: Asteroid trio gives Earth a close shave (from a triple-blade razor :).
2014 Update 3: In related news, see Pastor Lea's letter to Vladimir Putin regarding Pastor Saeed Abedini unjustly held in an Iranian prison.
2014 Update 4: Cosmonauts find sea plankton on the outside of the International Space Station!
2015 Update: Another confirmed creationist prediction (see just below) this one regarding comets comprised of rounded rocks.
2017 Update: Yet another "twin asteroid", this one 65803 Didymos, in the news!    

Comet 67P has rounded boulders contrary to secular expectations but confirming creationist predictions* Another Confirmed Prediction from Creationist Walt Brown: Regarding the confirmation of yet another astounding science prediction, in January 2015, Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Walt Brown, author of the hydroplate theory explanation of the global flood and the many resulting broken features of our Earth and solar system. The European Space Agency has just released high-resolution images of Comet 67P along with the assessment of their scientists that they may have found unexpectedly large rounded boulders (up to 10-feet in diameter) that may be the comet's building blocks! This interview presents this latest discovery which, though it has shocked so many secular astronomers, has confirmed Walt Brown's specific prediction, published 13 years ago in the 7th Edition of his book In the Beginning, about the composition of comets. See more at rsr.org/predictions.

* Landslide Filmed on Comet 67P: In a related story and now added to our RSR's List of the Solar System's Transient Events, the European Space Agency has filmed an actual landslide on Comet 67P. Just like every planet and all the other kinds of bodies in the solar system, this allegedly four billion year-old flying pile of rounded boulders produces transient events, that is, passing phenomena, like 67P's landslide and outgassing oxygen, that would be unexpected to see on billion-year-old objects. As for this landslide, of course stable cliffs are not easily built with rounded boulders, so happening to film a landslide as it happens is not shocking, as it is to old-earthers, but expected, as it is to students of the hydroplate theory!

* Published on Nov. 18, 2016, RSR's Fountains of MAGMA (?) YouTube Video: This video ends with Kevin Lea's science experiment demonstrating the effect of increasing pressure on buoyancy (including therefore, on magma)! Toward the end of this video, a notice points viewers to this page and to the video embedded just below this one:


* Thanks to an RSR Volunteer: RSR thanks one of our volunteer researchers for transcribing the JPG image of John Buchanan's 1905 Letter to the Editor. The image and transcription of the insightful, anti-evolution letter are over at rsr.org/john-buchanan.

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* Note from Kevin Lea on the Asteroid Breakup:

This March 6, 2014 observation of a disintegrating asteroid is surprising to NASA scientists but not to Dr. Walt Brown, the author of the Hydroplate Theory explanation for the flood of Noah. 

...the evidence we have pertaining to asteroids and comets supports Dr. Brown’s theory that they originated from the earth. You can search for: origin of asteroids and find that Google ranks Dr. Brown’s theory as the #1 hit (at creationscience.com) out of millions.

The hydroplate theory explains that before and during the flood of Noah, tidal effects caused the temperature and pressure of water under the earth's crust (subterranean water) to increase. The crust eventually ruptured, allowing the now supercritical water and associated rock debris to jettison into space, some at velocities sufficient to escape earth's gravity. Dr. Brown shows further how some of this water and debris coalesced to become comets and other debris formed into asteroids.

Brown’s theory predicts that most asteroids are actually rock piles held together by gravity and ice. If the rock pile is perturbed in a way that exposes the underlying ice to the vacuum of space, it will begin to sublimate and create a thrust vector that in some cases could accelerate chunks of rock sufficiently to overcome the weak gravitational attraction, resulting in the asteroid flying apart as the Hubble telescope has observed. The resultant pieces are now miniature comets for reasons explained in Dr. Brown’s book. In the Beginning is available as a full-color hardback and can be read online. See also his Asteroids and Comets chapters, and you can get a PDF of this note at calvarypo.org/HANDS/1150.pdf.

* Another Image of the Boulders on Comet 67P: