Bob Enyart Live Archive 2012

December 2012

31stOut With The OldDiscuss on TOL
28thA young volcano, moon, bacteria, and DNADiscuss on TOLSci
27thThe Anatomy of a TemptationDiscuss on TOL
26thKeep God Out of the Gov't SchoolsDiscuss on TOL
25thThe Christmas StoryDiscuss on TOL
24thThe Astronomical Star of BethlehemDiscuss on TOL
21stThe Trouble with Chalk (for evolutionists)Discuss on TOLSci
20thWhere Was Jesus After the Cross? 1 Peter 3 Discuss on TOL
19thWikipedia Founder and Porn Trafficker Jimmy WalesDiscuss on TOL
18thPorn Trafficker and Wikipedia Founder Jimmy WalesDiscuss on TOL
17thSandy Hook Massacre: Why & What to DoDiscuss on TOL
14thInsect Ears and Fruit Fly Expert Jerry CoyneDiscuss on TOLSci
13thTheology Thursday: Cities of RefugeDiscuss on TOL
12thWhere's Bob Costas When You Need Him?Discuss on TOLBoB
11thImmediatist T Russell Hunter on BELDiscuss on TOLBoB
10thNFL: The Good, the Bad & the UglyDiscuss on TOL
7thFeature creep, poison frogs, & whaddya say?Discuss on TOLSci
6thTheology Thursday: John 1:1Discuss on TOL
5thOff air, Rebecca, Bob & Gregg talk onDiscuss on TOL
4thRebecca Kiessling talks strategy on BELDiscuss on TOL
3rdBob Goes Soft on the Denver PostDiscuss on TOL

November 2012

30thAn Animator's Perspective on the Global FloodDiscuss on TOLSci
29thTheology Thursday: When Did Adam Sin?Discuss on TOL
28thApology Tour BeginsDiscuss on TOL
27thBob & Doug in Trademark DisputeDiscuss on TOL
26thBack To Work at BELDiscuss on TOL
23rdCreationist Interviews Lawrence Krauss: RerunDiscuss on TOLSci
22ndTheology Thursday: Reversing Babel's CurseDiscuss on TOL
21stLawsuit Threatens Bob Enyart's MinistryDiscuss on TOL
20thBEL Friend Indirectly Helps Apprehend RapistDiscuss on TOL
19thMcBurney By the NumbersDiscuss on TOL
16thA Bird, a Quadrillion Bacteria, and a Bible TourDiscuss on TOLSci
15thTheology Thursday: Language and BabelDiscuss on TOL
14thStages of Grief, Stages of WarDiscuss on TOL
13thKen on CBN; Tony on BEL; Bob on VoCDiscuss on TOL
12thPetraeus, Adultery, and Legislating MoralityDiscuss on TOL
9thThe Real Science Radio Mercury ReportDiscuss on TOLSci
8thTheology Thursday: Ananias and SapphiraDiscuss on TOL
7thRepublican Party: We Don't Need the Social IssuesDiscuss on TOL
6thObama's Bad, Mitt'd Be WorseDiscuss on TOL
5thDon't Waste It: THROW Your Vote Away!Discuss on TOLBoB
2ndRSR Fact Checks with Jonathan SarfatiDiscuss on TOLSci
1stTheology Thursday: Jacob's Fraud Pays OffDiscuss on TOL

October 2012

31stThe Ultimate Anti-Romney Show Pt. 2Discuss on TOLBoB
30thThe Ultimate Anti-Romney ShowDiscuss on TOLBoB
29thRusty Thomas and the States of RefugeDiscuss on TOLBoB
26thThe Creation Science Hall of FameDiscuss on TOLSci
25thTheology Thursday: Colossians OverviewDiscuss on TOL
24thJustice for JessicaDiscuss on TOL
23rdReasons #513, 514, 515, 516, 517, & 518Discuss on TOL
22ndForeign Policy and Local Insanity DebatesDiscuss on TOL
19thUniversity of California Prof. of Ophthalmology on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
18thDBC Sermon: The One That Got AwayDiscuss on TOL
17thLost in Space vs. Star TrekDiscuss on TOLSci
16thThe Three Places In Which Men LiveDiscuss on TOL
15thIf you can't say anything nice about the dead...Discuss on TOL
12thBest 10 Evidences from Answers MagazineDiscuss on TOLSci
11thBEL Predictions Updated with Tom TancredoDiscuss on TOLBoB
10th Campbell: The Difference Between Night and DayDiscuss on TOL
9thTom Tancredo on PotDiscuss on TOL
8thRomney to Bob: "Dear Mr. Bible"Discuss on TOL
5th "Nature" Confirms Creationist Rejection of Junk DNADiscuss on TOLSci
4thJ.C. Watts with Bob Enyart & Gregg JacksonDiscuss on TOL
3rdA Dobson Who Doesn't CompromiseDiscuss on TOL
2ndDark Matter Descends on DenverDiscuss on TOL
1stIowa's Mark Moe on BELDiscuss on TOL

September 2012

28thKrauss vs. Evidence from Astronomy and RSR Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
27thJackson & Hanks Host a Humbling BEL ShowDiscuss on TOL
26thAlaska to the RescueDiscuss on TOL
25thMcBurney's Piers Morgan in the BEL StudioDiscuss on TOL
24thPublic School Gives Rat Drug to KidsDiscuss on TOL
21stA Creationist Interviews Lawrence KraussDiscuss on TOLSci
20thThe Dark Side of Theoretical Physics & IslamDiscuss on TOL
19thThe Kid, The Plot, and BeatriceDiscuss on TOL
18thACLU & Islam Against AmericaDiscuss on TOL
17thGOP Spends Like a Drunken SocialistDiscuss on TOL
14thCarbon 14 and Dinosaur BonesDiscuss on TOLSci
12thA Very Special Guest Coming to the BanquetDiscuss on TOL
11thBEL Reviews Our 9-11 Policies, 11 Years LaterDiscuss on TOL
10thDeace, Tebow, Manning, Mitt & Other Persons.Discuss on TOL
7thRSR: 128 Computers to Simulate Simplest Known CellDiscuss on TOLSci
6thIVoteProLifeFirst! But That Website Doesn'tDiscuss on TOL
5thDoing September's TO DOsDiscuss on TOL
4thBob's To-Do List for SeptemberDiscuss on TOL
3rdRerun: Dr. Werner and the Living FossilsDiscuss on TOL

August 2012

31stRSR: Moon Landing Conspiracy Hoax RebuttedDiscuss on TOLSci
30thMitt Romney Hates Abortion!Discuss on TOL
29thJ.D. Ellis for Vice-PresidentDiscuss on TOL
28thA RE-publican Cry for HelpDiscuss on TOL
27thAmerican Right To Life Press Release on AkinDiscuss on TOL
24thMany Modern Birds Found in Dinosaur LayersDiscuss on TOLSci
23rdRemembering the Sign on the MountainDiscuss on TOLBoB
22ndRebecca Kiesling Straight from Confronting Gloria AlredDiscuss on TOL
21stTwins, Aborted Late in Orlando, FloridaDiscuss on TOL
20thBob's Advice for U.S. Senate Candidate AkinDiscuss on TOL
17thRSR: Dr. Carl Werner and the Living FossilsDiscuss on TOLSci
15thCardiologist in Studio about Hearts and a Home Test KitDiscuss on TOLSci
14thRecalling the U.S. Senate Hindu Prayer InterruptedDiscuss on TOL
13thThe Man Who Baptized Jane Roe of Roe v. WadeDiscuss on TOL
10thRSR's YoungEarth.comDiscuss on TOLSci
9thAn UN-holy AIDS ReportDiscuss on TOL
8thAbortionist Still Killing "Ugly Black Babies"Discuss on TOLBoB
7thTebow, Boomer & Personhood's Latest VictoryDiscuss on TOL
6thPersonhood Petitions All Turned InDiscuss on TOL
3rdWalter ReMine on Haldane's DilemmaDiscuss on TOLSci
2ndThe Bible and Abortion Pt. 2Discuss on TOLBoB
1stThe Bible and AbortionDiscuss on TOL

July 2012

31stBaking with Chef BobDiscuss on TOL
30thAbortionist Kills "Ugly Black Babies"Discuss on TOL
27thWalter ReMine on the Origin of Sexual ReproductionDiscuss on TOLSci
26thDaddy Look!Discuss on TOL
25thHollywood Directors Agree on Violent MoviesDiscuss on TOL
24thNCAA Hits Penn State HardDiscuss on TOL
23rdCauses and Solutions to U.S. Epidemic Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
20thAmerica's Murder Epidemic: Causes and Solutions Discuss on TOLSci
19thBob Declares His IndependenceDiscuss on TOL
18thCalvary Chapel Pastor Dave on BELDiscuss on TOLBoB
17thPaterno, Penney's, Sandusky, Unleashed on USADiscuss on TOL
16th Jo & Leslie Make the Case, Bob Gets SignaturesDiscuss on TOL
13thRSR Interviews Walter ReMine Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
12thRe-Run: AUL Lawyer Paul Linton Opposes Personhood on BELDiscuss on TOL
11th Pot, the Plot, & WhatnotDiscuss on TOL
10thA Godly Political ProcessDiscuss on TOL
9thBob Debates AUL Lawyer Paul Linton On PersonhoodDiscuss on TOLBoB
6thRSR Interviews Walter ReMine on the Biotic MessageDiscuss on TOLSci
5thCan Win for LosingDiscuss on TOL
4thRerun: National RTL's John Roberts Upholds ObamacareDiscuss on TOL
3rdUnauthorized Recording: NRTL 5 Years LaterDiscuss on TOL
2ndRomneycare Upheld & Abe Lincoln FelledDiscuss on TOL

June 2012

29thGeneticist re: Christianity Today Denying AdamDiscuss on TOLSci
28thNat'l RTL's John Roberts Upholds ObamacareDiscuss on TOLBoB
27thColorado is Falling to PiecesDiscuss on TOL
26thPenn State's Sandusky. GUILTY!Discuss on TOL
25thDon't Worship DemocracyDiscuss on TOL
22ndUniversity of South Carolina Astronomer on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
21stRerun: AFA's Bryan Fisher on Romney on BELDiscuss on TOL
20thBEL Interviews Latest Chicago Cubs DrafteeDiscuss on TOL
19thNo, We Can't All Just Get AlongDiscuss on TOL
18thBob & Doug on Barry's Body CountDiscuss on TOL
15thRSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson on EpigeneticsDiscuss on TOLSci
14thBeware of Boy Scout Board Member Jim Turley Discuss on TOL
13thTony Massey and the Voice of Choice StingDiscuss on TOL
12thMormon Underwear Expected at ParadeDiscuss on TOL
11thCal Zastrow Sues Montana for Censorship LawDiscuss on TOL
8thElectron Microscope Lab Dir. Brings Dino Tissue to RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
7thHomosexual Teachers Kiss in Kindergarten ClassDiscuss on TOL
6thPublic School Worker Retires, Calls BELDiscuss on TOL
5thFox News Gets Wrong Sex Selection AnswerDiscuss on TOL
4thPersonhood USA's Jonathan Sutherland in StudioDiscuss on TOL
1stRSR Risks Neck on Whale-of-an-Eel StoryDiscuss on TOLSci

May 2012

31stYou ask amiss, you get John RobertsDiscuss on TOL
30thReasons #472 through #478Discuss on TOL
29thVatican Launching Europe's Personhood Petition DriveDiscuss on TOLBoB
28thRerun: Tom Hoefling for President--2012Discuss on TOL
25thThe Real Science Radio Caveman ShowDiscuss on TOLSci
24thAFA's Bryan Fischer on Romney on BELDiscuss on TOL
23rdDump Starbucks Falls in Wayne Besen's Lap Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
22ndDump Starbucks Falls in Wayne Besen's LapDiscuss on TOL
21stPRO-LIFE VICTORY: Pepsi Boycott Ends!Discuss on TOL
18thRSR: List of Genomes that Just Don't FitDiscuss on TOLSci
17thThe Robomney EffectDiscuss on TOL
16thDead Men RisingDiscuss on TOL
15thFalling Backwards into "Right"Discuss on TOL
14thAn Equal Opportunity BasherDiscuss on TOL
11thRSR: Good Little Rat, Bad Little BatDiscuss on TOLSci
10thWhat Romney's Mormon Relative SaysDiscuss on TOLSci
9thMarriage: Now Romney Pulls Obama To The LeftDiscuss on TOL
8thGo ahead! Throw away your vote!Discuss on TOL
7thTom Hoefling for President -- 2012Discuss on TOLBoB
4thRSR: Does Stephen Hawking Exist?Discuss on TOLSci
3rdPraying for Chen GuangchengDiscuss on TOL
2ndWhat Do Cows Think About Freedom?Discuss on TOL
1stInterview With Dr. Klingenschmitt Discuss on TOL

April 2012

30thOsteen, Gaga and MacAutherDiscuss on TOL
27thRSR: Best Cell Biology DVD Ever Made!Discuss on TOLSci
26thMeet the New Colorado Right To Life PresidentDiscuss on TOLBoB
25th2007-2012 Five Year ReviewDiscuss on TOL
24thUpdate from OK's Abolition SocietyDiscuss on TOL
23rdRepublicans Blocking Personhood in OklahomaDiscuss on TOL
20thRSR: ASU Agrees 90% of Marine Species Killed Discuss on TOLSci
19thThe Huffington PotsDiscuss on TOL
18thADD: Adult Discipline DisorderDiscuss on TOL
17thOrfa Gives Us a RingDiscuss on TOLBoB
16thColorado Republicans Disappear RomneyDiscuss on TOL
13thRSR: Now, Two Million Year-Old Leaves?Discuss on TOLSci
12thFinally! A Shovel Ready (Manure) ProjectDiscuss on TOL
11thWhen God Changes the LawDiscuss on TOL
10thBob Dreams Santorum Endorses MittDiscuss on TOL
9thAttorney General, Meet the SBC PresidentDiscuss on TOL
6thStars in Galaxy Bulges "Look Too Perfect"Discuss on TOLSci
5thStrong DelusionDiscuss on TOL
4thBill, Hillary, and Obama All on BELDiscuss on TOL
3rdRuss Haas: A Wealth of HistoryDiscuss on TOL
2ndJason Burkey star of October Baby on BELDiscuss on TOL

March 2012

30thDinosaurs, Fossils & Montana's Best MuseumDiscuss on TOLSci
29thKen Goes Scott FreeDiscuss on TOL
28thStrong DelusionDiscuss on TOL
27thNothing Says Love Like...Discuss on TOL
26thThe Hunger Games and October BabyDiscuss on TOL
23rdRSR: Remember the Nautiloids!Discuss on TOLSci
22ndSome Muslim Nations May Execute "Blasphemers"Discuss on TOL
21stFriday's Nationwide Rally Against ObamacareDiscuss on TOL
20th Stupid is as stupid doesDiscuss on TOL
19thIt's a Girl = 37 Million DeadDiscuss on TOL
16thRSR: The Origin of Earth's RadioactivityDiscuss on TOLSci
15thMark Crutcher on Abortion Violence Against WomenDiscuss on TOL
14thSomebody Has To Be in the Closet Discuss on TOL
13thTrading Tim TebowDiscuss on TOL
12thDBC's Nick Morgan on Bible LanguagesDiscuss on TOL
9thRSR: Good Mutations Occurring On DemandDiscuss on TOLSci
8thThe Gospel, Justice & EthicsDiscuss on TOL
7th Bob Says: Bleach Nurse, Press PaulDiscuss on TOL
6thCO Supreme Court OKs Personhood InitiativeDiscuss on TOL
5thIt's Not a MiracleDiscuss on TOL
2ndRSR Predicts: Two-mile Deep Lake To Surprise EvolutionistsDiscuss on TOLSci
1stGone GagaDiscuss on TOL

February 2012

29thSenator Catches Fire: DiesDiscuss on TOLBoB
28thThe Man in the Home is the Man in the BoothDiscuss on TOLBoB
27thBeware of the Public SchoolDiscuss on TOL
24thRSR: Bob Has a Great Weight on His ShouldersDiscuss on TOLSci
23rdGovernment Schools & WaterlooDiscuss on TOL
22ndA Day In Colorado, Oklahoma, and TexasDiscuss on TOL
21stRomney & Satan: A Brief ReviewDiscuss on TOL
20thColorado's 2012 Unborn Victims of Crime ActDiscuss on TOL
17thLeague of Reason's AronRa in Round TwoDiscuss on TOLSci
16thDoug & Gregg: Send $20k to End this Telethon!Discuss on TOL
15thSensaHeart and Stem Cells Repairing HeartsDiscuss on TOL
14thMr. Santorum: Please Re-Think Abortion RegulationsDiscuss on TOL
13thLimbaugh Cites Abortion Breast Cancer LinkDiscuss on TOL
10thRSR: Adipose Fins and the Dinosaur Death PoseDiscuss on TOLSci
9thBob and Leslie's Big AdventureDiscuss on TOL
8thColorado Shocks the WorldDiscuss on TOL
7thBush's Solicitor General Fights for Homosexual MarriageDiscuss on TOL
6thKomen, Khamenei & the CaucusesDiscuss on TOL
3rdRSR: Portuguese Man-of-War Made of Four AnimalsDiscuss on TOLSci
2ndMitt Fumbles the BaseDiscuss on TOL
1stKomen Pulls Planned Parenthood FundingDiscuss on TOL

January 2012

31stMissionary to BurmaDiscuss on TOL
27thRSR: List of Not So Old Things Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
26thDon't Get Fooled, Buy This Book!Discuss on TOL
25thPrisoners Pull Tooth, Taunt TownDiscuss on TOL
24thMoving the Lexicon RightDiscuss on TOL
23rdRandall Terry's in the Democratic PrimaryDiscuss on TOL
20thRSR's 2012 List of Not So Old ThingsDiscuss on TOLSci
19thHaley Barbour Offends JesusDiscuss on TOL
18thMeet Townhall's Mike Adams on SaturdayDiscuss on TOL
17thHow to Tebow Right!Discuss on TOL
16thWhat's Not Happening This WeekDiscuss on TOL
13thPreview of Our List of Not So Old ThingsDiscuss on TOLSci
12thTim Tebow's NFL Records, Etc.Discuss on TOLBoB
11thNo Need To TitheDiscuss on TOL
10thPlease Join Bob in Ft. Morgan on Jan. 26Discuss on TOL
9thDid We Mention He Was a Homeschooled Christian?Discuss on TOL
6thEvolutionist admits ape-to-man fossils an "illusion"Discuss on TOLSci
5thTebow, Jefferson & Guns for ChristmasDiscuss on TOL
4thPersonhood Pledgers Get 75% of Iowa VoteDiscuss on TOL
3rdFor Once, A Righteous Political Calculation Discuss on TOL
2ndEpiscopal Church Member Gets Saved!Discuss on TOL