Duggars Hated, Pedophiles Celebrated

Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney condemn the media’s visceral hatred of Christian families, actually, of Christ, which is exposed by the culture’s acceptance and even praise for pedophiles and pedophile defenders. On CNN Dr. Drew did not object when Joshua Duggar was called a pedophile. Yet many actual pedophiles, and pedophile defenders, get no end of accolades and positive press. For example:

- Roman Polanski: ABC News reports on his confession and on the child porn, rape, etc.
- The Academy Awards for celebrating the peodhile director
- British Academy of Film and Television "Arts" for celebrating the pedophile
- Bill Clinton's pedophile friend billionaire Jeffrey Epstein whom Clinton flew with 26 times on his pedophile plane
- Out Magazine
- Michael Jackson
- The Advocate
- NYC & San Francisco Pride Parades
- New York Native biweekly homosexual newspaper
- Allen Ginsburg
Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights
- Allyson Press
- The University of Massachusetts
- New York Gay Activists Alliance
- Alec Baldwin for intensely sexualizing a 16 year old 
- The ACLU defending NAMBA in Time Magazine’s article, For the Love of Boys
- Whoppi Goldberg who spoke positively of pedophile Polanski saying that it wasn't "rape-rape"

For more, see kgov.com/homos and our Michael Jackson report at ShadowGov.com. And consider also:
* Penn State Coach Joe Paterno and so many others who defended Jerry Sandusky
* Bil Cosby sexually molestated more than 50 women including a 15 year old girl
* Child actor Michael Egan's accusation against:
- X-men director Bryan Singer
- Disney executive David Neuman
- Fox programming executive Garth Ancier (and later with CW & NBC)
- Broadway producer Gary Goddard