Prager, Medved, and Hewitt's Guilt in Parkland Suicides

Bob Enyart presents today's headlines from a biblical Christian worldview. Find out whether or not Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, and Hugh Hewitt are in big trouble before God over the Parkland, Florida student suicide deaths this past week. Bob also discusses Barbra Streisand's wickedness regarding blaming Michael Jackson's child molestation victims. "His sexual needs were his sexual needs," these boys were "thrilled to be there," and it "didn't kill them." (See our shocking and lengthy list of Liberals Supporting Pedophiles at Enyart also blasts Compassion International for "celebrating" the U.N.'s corrupt and godledss "Social Justice Day" and the he laughs about the Dems moving on from the Muller report to... Russian Collusion.

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