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Theology Thursday

Greetings and welcome to The Dominic Enyart Show where we discuss worldviews, culture wars, and politics from a Biblical perspective. Dominic Enyart (son of the late, great Bob Enyart) broadcasts live in Denver on the mighty 50,000-watt blowtorch of the Rocky Mountains, KLTT (AM 670), and right here on! Enyart is a Christian, conservative, theologian, and anti-abortion spokesman. He began speaking publicly at 19 and is encouraging his generation to stand and fight for truth, justice, and sanity.

Enyart has appeared on Fox News and has a history of testifying before Colorado legislators at the state capitol in support of the unborn. His involvement with Colorado Right to Life has encouraged him to be an unyielding and uncompromising voice for life. We invite you to join the brightest audience in the country, and listen in!

Don’t Teach The Left to Bully Us

The FBI yet again reveals itself to be a political hack of an organization by raiding the home of a pro-life spokesman. This ordeal further separates good from evil. The battle lines have been drawn. We are now faced with choosing between two strategies. A- Give the left everything they want and teach them that bullying us works, or B- use this as a healthy reminder we need to fight even harder, and preach a little louder.

Today's Resource: Bob Debates the Stars

Josef Mengele Looks Innocent by Comparison: Phalloplasty

Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, we’re exposing the disturbing surgeries performed on vulnerable children. These twisted surgeries rival that of even Josef Mengele (who earned “the Angel of Death” as a title for himself) on the scale of monstrous abominations. These “medical procedures” are child abuse. Thankfully, it seems that if the church wakes up, we may just be able to win this battle. All of that and more, today.

Today's Resource: The ACLU Debate

O Former-Vice President! My Former-Vice President!

In a recent interview with Joe Biden, he was asked if his mental faculties were up to the task of being president. In typical Biden fashion, he responded, “watch me.” Mr. Biden then immediately proceeded to spend the next minute being unable to finish a sentence. Our president is unable to form full sentences, and that’s a problem.

Today's Resource: Nicer Than God

The Pitfalls of Youth Groups

Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, Dominic is joined in studio by a local youth teacher as they discuss some issues that come up with youth groups and why churches like DBC and AKF are skeptical.

How Bob Enyart Influenced the World

Today on the Dominic Enyart Show, it has now been over a year since we lost the late great Pastor Bob Enyart. We’re going to take a look at how Bob influenced the world, and then listen in on Zachary Enyart as he explains the trick Bob used to do so.

Then this, taken from

Epperson Vs. Enyart | Gag the Churches?

* Stu Epperson's Audience Agrees with Pastor Bob: On Stu's syndicated talk show, Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart condemns the liberal IRS gag-rule against pastors.

Pt. 4 | Does God Change His Mind?

Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, we will conclude our miniseries answering the question, “Does the Bible teach that God changes His mind?” Today, we’ll be looking at the principle God lays out in scripture for how He changes His mind, and again, look at some objections. All of that and more today.

Pt. 3 | Does God Change His Mind?

Today is an exciting day on The Dominic Enyart Show! It’s our very first episode in our new studio and we’re continuing our mini-series by answering the question, “does the Bible teach that God can change His mind?” We see examples of this both with the fall of king Saul and with the story of Nineveh. All this and more, today on The Dominic Enyart Show!

Pt 2 | Does God Change His Mind?

Today we’re continuing our show from yesterday. Hopefully, after we’ve rid ourselves of gut reactions and preconceived notions we’ll be able to take a better look at the question, “does God change His mind according to the Bible?” If you didn’t hear part one, you can catch that by going to and looking for the August 16th, 2022 show.