Replacement Theology

* Chart, Excerpt, & Thread: Replacement Theology is the teaching that God is done with national Israel as a covenant people and that now and forever He works instead only with the Church. As we document at, an especially depraved anti-Semitism has been rampant through church history destroying the earthly lives of countless Jews and bringing shame to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many Christians have held to Replacement Theology without becoming anti-Semites but for millions of others this doctrine was the sufficient spark to enflame their sinful hatred. To refute this doctrine ¸please see below the Replacement Theology vs. Romans 11 chart and see this excerpt from Bob Enyart's life's work, The Plotwhere the overview of the Bible becomes the key to its details! And see also the following Facebook thread.

* Chuck Baldwin & Replacement Theology: The following screenshots document the brief interaction in this Facebook thread between Bob Enyart and pastor Chuck Baldwin, whom Bob Enyart concludes is anti-Semite:

Facebook screenshot of Enyart's thread with anti-Semite Chuck Baldwin


Facebook screenshot of Enyart's thread with anti-Semite Chuck Baldwin


Facebook screenshot of Enyart's thread with anti-Semite Chuck Baldwin

Well, we tried. If you are concerned about a Christian who is an anti-Semite, please pray for them and if possible, express your concerns to them, and ask them to look at our excerpt from The Plot atop this page,

In Christ,
Pastor Bob Enyart
Denver Bible Church

* Replacement Theology vs. Romans 11 Chart: From  The Plot  chapter 11...

Replacement Theology vs. Romans 11 chart

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