Psychoanalysis, ADHD, Drugs and Damnation

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*Medicine is Good: Listen in as Fred Williams and Doug McBurney introduce the subject of  prescribing psychoactive medications for the treatment of behavioral disorders in children, by stating first that medications are mostly good!

*The Fraud of Freud: find out why the Darwinian foundations of modern psychology as promulgated by Darwin, Marx, Sigmund Freud and others stands in opposition to the biblically revealed, spiritual component of human behavior.

*The Bible on Drugs: Galatians 5, Rev 9 & 18, all help us understand God's opinion about mind altering drugs, intoxication in general, and the drug dealer's deceitful craft.

*Hitler on Drugs: Hear how Adolph Hitler fueled his own demented mind, his industry, his army, and eventually the armies of the world during WWII with the same amphetamines being prescribed to American school-children by the millions today.

*WWIII (The Sexual Revolution): 60 years in the wake of the sexual revolution and murder and suicide are more and more tragically, and commonly associated with teenagers that ever before.

*A Diagnosis Looking for a Drug: Hear how the psychology industry, the government schools, and the pharmaceutical industry use a diagnostic tool  designed to match potential drug consumers with drugs.