Dr. Michael Brown on BEL on Christian Anti-Semitism

Dr. Michael Brown's book, Our Hands are Stained with Blood: The Tragic Story of the Church and the Jewish People

Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Michael Brown on his just out expanded edition Our Hands are Stained with Blood. As a true scholar and Messianic Jew, Dr. Brown has done the due diligence necessary to reach even the most stubborn Christians with the devastating truth the Christian leaders, theological camps, and entire denominations have been guilty of hatred toward the Jewish people. In Bob's life's work, The Plot and from the early episodes of our radio broadcast 28 years ago we've exposed Christians and others masquerading as believers for their sin of anti-semitism. See for example Luther was an Anti-Semite at kgov.com/luther. And see our quiz, You Might Be an Anti-Semite If... at kgov.com/antisemitism#test. And see kgov.com/jews-who-reject-christ-and-televangelists-ok-with-that. And finally an excerpt from The Plot at kgov.com/replacement-theology.

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