Scientific Amer Ed Michael Shermer: The Bible is Wrong, the Sun is NOT a Light

* Michael Shermer Debates Atheism with a Creationist: Shermer, an editor with Scientific American and the Skeptic Society, talks with Bob Enyart about the Bible, God, and science. In this famous 73-second excerpt Michael Shermer denies that the sun is a light, obviously, not because that's what he actually believes, but apparently out of a habit of refusing to concede even the most obvious claims of Christians.

* Shermer Transcript -- The Sun Is Not A Light: Here's the transcript of that part of the discussion...

Enyart: "Much of the ancient world was wrong, thinking that the sun and the moon were gods, and the Bible was right, at least in this minor point, that they're for lights."

Shermer: "No, I don't think so."

Enyart: "I'm surprised that you won't concede this, that at least on this minor point, that the cosmology of the Bible is right, that they're not gods, they're lights."

Shermer: "Yeah, but that's not a correct cosmology, it's just a different interpretation."

Enyart: "What's incorrect about saying, 'They're not gods, the sun is a light, it's not a god.' What's incorrect about that?"

Shermer: "They're not lights!"

Enyart: "Oh, the sun is not a light?"

Shermer: "No."