Albright's Flood Model Controversy Pt 3: VCT, CPT, & HPT

* Interview-based Review of Flood Models: Jane Albright concludes her report to RSR on the 16 interviews she conducted with creation scientists and leaders for her article series exploring the leading flood models, the science, the Scripture, and the controversy. In today's Real Science Radio broadcast, Bob Enyart and Albright, who is a working professional engineer formerly with the U.S. Navy nuclear engineering program, discuss the personal and organizational relationships surrounding the controversy over the three leading flood models, the Vapor Canopy Theory (VCT), the Hydroplate Theory (HPT), and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (CPT).

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- RSR's List of Answers to HPT Objections today's Albright program is the 9th in the series
- And the comparative HPT/CPT/VCT spreadsheets (below) mentioned on today's program.

False Accusations, Always Easily Corrected, Against Walt Brown from ICR, AiG, and CRS:

An Excerpt: Dr. [John] Baumgardner [long an ICR scientist], wrote me [Albright], "From the nasty interactions that Brown had with ICR in the 1990’s, including threats of lawsuits … I personally have no desire to deal with such nastiness." After reading for myself all the correspondence on the "lawsuit issue" and sharing with Dr. Baumgardner the actual history, he then replied, "I admit my understanding of the interactions between Walt Brown and ICR was all based on second-hand sources on my part." Shockingly, even the president of the Creation Research Society, Dr. Don DeYoung, said to me, "You may even be aware that there have been lawsuits between Walt Brown and ICR. Saying that they have stolen each other’s ideas." I respectfully challenged him on this because I knew that it was not true. He claimed to have documentation proving that is was true, but declined to produce it. I then asked him to speak directly with Brown and me on this subject, but again he refused.

Another example of this comes from Mark Looy at Answers in Genesis. In 2013 a nuclear engineer (who today works at one of our nation's national labs and since 2016 has become a close friend of RSR) asked Mark why AiG doesn't carry Dr. Brown's book. The following is an example of what we know from extrapolation has been said by many creation leaders hundreds of times:

And since I wrote my last email to you, I discovered that Walt had not only threatened to sue an ICR scientist, but ICR's president as well... It appears that you condone such behavior (unless you don't believe the threats were actually made). You don't have to associate yourself with us if you wish, but why defend such a person who would even consider violating I Cor. 6 and Galatians 5?

Wow. Bob Enyart has a long-standing appreciation for Mr. Looy and confirms that he would not knowingly spread this slander. However, Mark did not do his due diligence and accepted misinformation likely from some other trusted Christian leader. If Dr. DeYoung, Mr. Looy, or Dr. Baumgardner offer an apology to Walt Brown, we will post such apologies at and remove their quotes from here.

* Help Bob Build a List of Scientists and Engineers Supporting HPT: If you are a degreed scientist or a professional engineer (or if you know of one) who supports Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory, please email! As of September 2020 Bob's list, still currently private, expands on Walt's previously published endorsements.  

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Pt. 1: The Vapor Canopy and the Hydroplate Theory (covering Albright's first two articles)
Pt. 2: Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (Albright's 3rd article)
Pt. 3: The Controversy over VCT, CPT, & the HPT (this program, Albright's 4th article)

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What is significant however is that Walt Brown predicted the presence of salt water on Mars, now confirmed! Further, water on Mars does not imply that life could have originated there, for that ubiquitous atheistic claim ignores basic science. Water can sustain life. Yet because water is the universal solvent, it relentlessly dissolves the biological compounds needed to form the most basic biological structures like amino acids and polymers. So, water sustains life, but it is the enemy of a materialistic origin of life.

* Shared RSR Google Spreadsheets on Flood Models: Our List of Answers to HPT Objections includes two spreadsheets. Click these links or screenshots to see them at Google Docs and to see them being discussed click the video times below.
- Bible Material Uniquely Supporting Various Flood Models aka Flood Models & Bible Verses
- Physical Features Requiring Explanation and Flood Models aka Flood Models & Features to Explain.

Bible verses uniquely supportive of various flood modelsPhysical features requiring explanation and competing flood models

Bob discusses these two charts in RSR's flood video, at 2:06:00 for the Bible Verses chart and 3:06:45 for the Physical Features chart.

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Walt Brown's In the Beginning* Hydroplate Theory Observations: From Dr. Brown's book, consider these observations and questions:
- that the continents do not fit together well against each other, as presented in the Pangaea hypothesis, unless you shrink Africa by 30%, and make other unjustified manipulations.
- that the jigsaw shape of the continents does fit well against the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
- what formed the 46,000-mile long Mid-oceanic Ridge?
- that the Atlantic Ocean is relatively shallow, whereas the Pacific is relatively deep.
- what formed the deep Pacific trenches including the 36-thousand foot-deep Marianas Trench.
- that the fountains of the great deep launched the solar system's asteroids and comets.
- that Mars is not the source of Antarctica meteorites, but they were launched from Earth.
- that the debris launched from the Earth beat up the moon, which helps to explain why the near-side has suffered much greater impactors.
- that NASA discovered the Earth-like composition of comets, including that they contain olivine, a very common class of Earth minerals, confirming an inherent prediction of Dr. Walt Brown's flood model.
- that NASA found salt on the asteroid Ceres!

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* See Powerful Evidence for the HPT Fountains Flood Model:
- HPT Confirmed Predictions here at
- All of Real Science Radio's HPT resources collected over at

* HPT Fans: As noted above, Walt Brown's book In the Beginning includes endorsements from notable persons including scientists and engineers. The following email suggested to RSR that we should occasionally post HPT comments from non-scientist fans. So feel free to send your own thoughts to Thanks!

From: Japheth R (Kenya)
Date: Sep 11, 2020
Subject: HPT
To: Bob Enyart <>

Bob, I am from Nairobi, Kenya and I always keep up to date on your RSR podcasts. I heard about your ministry while studying the Hydroplate Theory. (I've seen RSR's 3-hour HPT video on YouTube). I am convinced HPT is the most (really, the only) Biblically accurate understanding of the global flood and the most scientifically rigorous explanation of that great event. Blessings, Japheth
PS: May God continue to bless your work.

From Amazon: Ian Hawthorn Thain, UK
Date: March 12, 2017
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Title: A Major Reference Work about Noah's Flood
Verified Purchase: I cannot speak too highly of this book. It covers in remarkable detail all aspects of the great flood and the technicalities of how it happened, about which its author is exceptionally well qualified to write. He covers the geophysical, biological, and cosmological aspects in sufficient detail to give the reader every confidence that he knows what he is talking about, and he appends comprehensive FAQ and technical reference sections which must surely cover any and all questions ever likely to be encountered! [RSR Note: Not quite, but... you get the point! :)] This book should be in the hands, hearts, and minds of everybody involved in teaching the truths of Biblical creation. I believe it to be unsurpassed in its field.

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Title: One to have on the shelf.
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Title: Thanks for ALL the Questions I had - And Were Answered in a Clear and Concise way!!
Verified Purchase: Written by Walt Brown, PhD - that's important. This was a GREAT UNDERTAKING! What a research expert this man is!! It will open your eyes as to the Creation of the earth and Noah's Flood. This is an important addition to your Bible!

From Amazon: Mark D. Hornbogen
Date: April 2, 2016
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Title: Thanks for ALL the Questions I had - And Were Answered in a Clear and Concise way!!
Verified Purchase: There is a raft of detailed information explaining what the author calls the hydroplate theory. He presents current theories next to his and shows why he believes the hydroplate theory explains geologic formations and the other theories fall short. The book is full of scientific details presented by experts. He makes me a believer. I already believed in creation but God does not explain How He Did It or what happened during or after the flood. He did leave the details in His handiwork. This book goes a long way in explaining the details. I highly recommend it.

From Amazon: Lever Action
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Title: If one is willing to consider facts as relevant to ...
Verified Purchase: If one is willing to consider facts as relevant to truth, then this exemplary scientific work of professional investigation is a landmark shift in understanding this planet's origins. Nothing else "out there" holds a candle to Walts work.

From Amazon: Martin Johnson, UK
Date: Aug 15, 2011
five stars5.0 out of 5 stars

Title: An engineer's solution [see this at Amazon]
I've been very familiar with the scientific arguments in the evolution vs. creation debate for 30 years now, and of course both are belief systems... Dr Brown has concentrated on tackling one problem - how did the earth come to be as it is? He has earned the opposition of dyed-in-the-wool creationist geologists (for not being a geologist, and having the temerity to challenge some beloved theories), and of course enraged some evolutionary believers. What got my attention in his CV was the fact that he was a top-level aviation engineer, and he had been a [tenured associate] professor at the USAF Academy, Colorado Springs. This is no mean post, and not an appointment that could be achieved by most of those who have made glib criticisms of him. I remember all too well the challenges of learning about such things as aerodynamics and thermodynamics from his opposite numbers at the RAF College, Cranwell. It needs to be understood that Dr Brown is an expert in fluid dynamics, and I think this is what gives his "hydroplate" theory a lot of substance. You are dealing with a man who has had to understand what happens to the air around an aeroplane, the internal dynamics of a turbojet engine, the operation of advanced hydraulic systems, and those many details without which a modern aircraft cannot operate. A most compelling aspect of his work is that he has made a number of predictions, the hallmark of true science, some of which have already been validated. This puts him streets ahead of competing theories in the field, and puts to shame some of the facile criticisms levelled against him. He may not be right about everything he has written (and which leading scientist is?), but he certainly outclasses evolutionary polemicists such as Dawkins or Hitchens, on this basis alone. My challenge to any doubtful readers is to find a single unequivocal scientific prediction by an evolutionary scientist, demonstrating the evolution of life or the evolution of species, which has been validated to the same standard. Just one will do... [This work] is the finest gathering of information on the subject of creation science in a single book currently available. If you want to understand this subject better, and can only buy one book, make it this one!