Fred Williams on Fake Science News & Dinosaur Soft Tissue

* Real Science News: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss highlights from Fred's presentation at the most recent second Friday meeting of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship. Fred's theme was Fake News, and that from mainstream news and science publications.

National Geographic fake news headline about birds singing same melody for 1,000 years
Deep in text: Headline is a guess

* Fake Science News: The guys first address the Fake News that mutations and natural selection can explain the diversity of life on earth by adding the Templeton Foundation to their list of those who Doubt Darwin. And they dismantle the Fake News that the chimp genome is 98% percent the same as the human genome, which is a mathematical impossibility given that it's 10% larger! And they address the Fake News about australopithecine Lucy, who, as it turns out, fell to her death from a tree, the Fake News about Tiktaalik, evolving into his ancestor, and the Fake News about Rodhocetus, the alleged early whale now stripped of his fluked tail, flippers, and blowhole!

* And Speaking of Nat'l Geo: Aside from a major example of their Fake News (regarding camels), a minor example of Fake News (regarding birds) appears in the 2018 National Geographic headline (right) that the bird species Melospiza georgiana has been chirping an unchanged melody for a thousand years. (Wow. We hadn't realized that Algonquians in 1000 A.D. were using audio recording devices!) Buried deep in the article a researcher's guess that the "song types you hear... may well have been there 1,000 years ago." Yet, their lead paragraph reinforces their Fake News headline as a fact. "In fact, they haven’t changed their set list in more than 1,000 years, according to a new study." In the early years of BEL, before the branding of Bob's science shows as Real Science Radio, Bob had a regular segment when he'd read the brief "Fact Box" from the Rocky Mountain News' weekly science page. He'd then call their science editor on the air whenever the box didn't contain a "fact". Instead, it frequently contained some strained conclusion, or even just a wild guess, based on tenuous, if any, evidence. Eventually, Bob wore down the editor and instead of satisfying himself with publishing "facts" as advertised, the guy just removed his Fact Box altogether.

* 2019 Minor Example from NBC News: With the age of the universe shrinking terribly from it's long-claimed 13.8 billion years, NBC reporting on the latest blow down to 11.4 billion years, intentionally lowered the "generally accepted" age down to 13.7. Yes, it's only a small deception, and doesn't accomplish much for their atheistic origins worldview, but NBC News was undoubtedly hoping a gullible public would find 2,300,000 years less alarming than a so-called "precision cosmology" divergence of 2,400,000 years.

* How Fake Are the Fake Science News Outlets? Well, since they have all presented the Big Bang theory as though it were valid, consider RSR's latest science video...

* The Big Bang's Predictions: A science theory is evaluated by its "predictions" so NASA says that the Big Bang's predictions have confirmed the theory. Yet, if you Google: big bang predictions, you'll find our article at ranked #1 of thousands of related pages. Also, to figure out how fake the fake science news outlets are, see

* Google Rankings: Our Evidence Against the Big Bang video and #1 and first-page Google ranked articles are at and

* BEL Exposing Fake News Before Fake News Was Cool: Back in 2009, we aired an important program titled, "Abortion Photos Real, NY Times Fake". This is part of a pattern with us. For example, BEL was harassed by the IRS before Lois Lerner was a gleam in Barack Obama's eye. See!

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* More Dinosaur Soft Tissue: At the start of today's program, the guys talked about the first two papers of 2017 to document the discovering of even more (extremely rare! :) dinosaur soft tissue! See more at