RSR: Information Is Not Physical

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* Information Has No Mass: An atheist, Thuth, comments on our Real Science Radio claims over at our YouTube channel. Replying to a comment under our flood video, he objected to Bob Enyart's comment that "genetic information is not physical." Thuth replied, "WHAT? DNA is a molecule. It doesn't get any more physical" than that. So thanks to Thuth, Bob and his co-host Fred Williams talk through the non-physical nature of information. The guys provide a physics proof demonstrating that information has no mass; they accept agreement from Albert Einstein about the non-physicality of information, and they point out that while atheists say that God doesn't exist, what it is that actually does not exist is an atheistic theory of origins. They don't even have a hypothesis, let alone a robust theory, for example, of the origin of biological information. They have no hypothesis for the origin of sentience. They have no hypothesis for the origin of... well, for more examples, see And see also!

* Bob on the Pepperdine University Campus on Theistic Evolution: See for the event details or just see Bob's presentation right here:

* Materialists vs. Everything: Numbers are not physical. Math is not physical. Information is not physical. Grammar is not physical. Logic is not physical. Reason is not physical. And "reasons" are not physical. Morality is not physical. Truth is not physical. Souls are not physical. Spirits are not physical. Codes are not physical. Genomes are not physical. Laws are not physical. (For example, quantum laws are probabilistic, and probability is a concept and thus, not physical.) And as above, information is not physical. And all of this because, firstly, God is not physical.

* As Fred Mentions on Today's Program: From Wednesday's "Bob Enyart Live" (i.e., not an RSR show, but a BEL show) regarding abortion, at, The Trump Beheading Story Is No Joke:

Kathy Griffin holding a decapitated head: Be outraged too when it really happens, showing the Planned Parenthood CEO holding a baby's head
Kathy Griffin & Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards