Cassini System Admin Coppedge on the Saturn Mission

David Coppedge at JPL, 2008

* David Coppedge Cassini Mission Ground System Administrator: Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart interviews David Coppedge on the stunning Cassini mission to Saturn and its stunning scientific discoveries including the powerful evidence admitted by NASA showing that the ring system is young! Other dramatic discoveries also indicate that the Saturn system is not billions of years old. For more, see and David's website

* Transient Events of the Solar System: From
SaturnRings are young & rapdily changing; its moon Enceladus is erupting  (hear RSR with former JPL system administrator), and ejecting both plasma and Argon 40, an enormous and impossible amount if formed as generally claimed; Enceladus "is a geologically active place" with its "Tiger Stripes", long parallel cracks, being of "young age", and its "south pole [being] both warmer than expected and warmer than the surrounding areas..." (An upcoming Enceladus mission may confirm the hypothesis that all of the heat being released could be produced by tidal forces, or not.)

* The Earth and Moon from Saturn:

Earth and Moon from Saturn


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NASA's Cassini mission's David Coppedge:
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