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* As a Public Service for the Coronavirus Pandemic: and brought to you by the Crawford family of radio stations, RSR host Bob Enyart interviews the director of the Van Andel Research Center in Chino Valley, Arizona, molecular biologist Dr. Kevin Anderson. We discuss the origin of this SARS-CoV-2 virus with the evidence against it being created in a lab as a biological weapon and why COVID-19 is far more deadly than the common cold. Bob co-hosts with Fred Williams the Denver-based long-running Real Science Radio broadcast with its home on Crawford's AM 670 KLT, a new affiliate Portland's KKPZ in Oregon, another in  much of northern California via San Francisco's KCBC 770 AM and our podcast home at (Conspiracy hobbyists, please see the "Stunning Reports" just below.)

* RSR's COVID ScientistsBruce Patterson (Rantes & leronlimab), Anderson (above & 3 antibodies), Michael Behe, & James Tour
* RSR's Public Policy and Update Shows: Stunning Report 1; SR 2; SR 3; SR 4; and 25 Ways the Shutdown Kills
* RSR's Promising Breakthroughs: Nat Comm 5/4 blocking antibody; HCQ and 4/27/20 per AAPS; 10/25/19 Science 3 antibodies
* RSR's HCQ Updates: See for the full list. Most recently, on 6/3/20, the WHO withdraws thier stop order and resumes HCQ study after Lancet warns about apparent bogus data in their anti-HCQ study. See the Guardian investigation (exposing fraud), the World Health Organization resuming their study, and the extraordinary Lancet statement.
* RSR's 25 Christian COVID Conspiracies: Bob presents a list of conspiracies vs. actual pandemic insights
* NYT's Insightful Charts: Click chart for more. As fatalities average 1,800 deaths daily and higher, for that duration COVID-19 was the #1 cause of death in America...

NYT's daily COVID death chart with 7-day avg


25 Ways the Shutdown Kills People

* Bob Enyart's Quarantine Sermons: From the pulpit of Denver Bible Church...

Bob Enyart's molecular COVID YouTube sermon...

* Testing Our Concerns: Thomas Sowell and others have observed, "Blaming an economic crisis on greed is like blaming a plane crash on gravity." Dear listener, if you come across a program in February or March when Bob said, "The cure may be worse than the disease", we would like to identify those instances so if you would, please email the date and timestamp of the statement. Meanwhile of course, here at BEL we've aired our 25 Ways the Shutdown Kills People, which list implies that more people may die from COVID mitigation itself than may have died if we had done nothing at all to impede the spread of the coronavirus. Regardless of this though and in line with Sowell's point, just because a government can exploit their own action to further injustice does not prove that action itself was unjust. (I've noticed many people struggle to understand the previous sentence. If you do, awesome! If you don't, and you don't want to make false judgments, you might want to re-read and ponder it.) Further, of course, it is wrong to believe every rumored accusation including those against immoral politicians, whether against Donald Trump, New York's Governor Cuomo, or whomever. God's enduring command, Do not bear false witness against your neighbor, still applies. Fake news promoted by Christians has included Liberty Councel's Mat Staver egregiously claiming that Kansas City, Missouri was requiring churches to submit their membership roles, and others delusionally claiming that Bill Gates (who advocates killing unborn children, wickedly opposes biblical principles, and rejects the person of Jesus Christ) is creating a vaccine designed to kill people.

* COVID-19 Deaths: Updated for April 5, 2020. See for the latest.

Coronavirus infections and deaths graphs through April 5, 2020


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From: Denver Bible Church <>
Date: Fri, May 8, 2020 at 11:44 AM
Subject: Dear DBC, we're not re-opening Sunday. I had a long talk with a government staffer, and here's what we're fighting...
To: Pastor Bob <>

Denver Bible Church, we're not re-opening this Sunday, for Mother's Day, as we had hoped to. :( Moms, please know that we love you and can't wait to see you all again soon! DBC is the little church that could and we continue to fight the great spiritual battles of our day. But even though America and the world has now crossed over to where it appears that the quarantine may kill more people than COVID-19, under my pastorage we're not going to fight for the right to be the congregational Typhoid Mary of the coronavirus. We do passionately share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and defend the Scriptures. And we continue to fight fiercely against:
- the killing of the unborn
- the diminishing of marriage
- the lie of atheism that robs hope
- the church's embrace of sexual perversion
- the catastrophe which is government school
- the attributing of all wickedness to the decrees of God
- and the Christian acceptance of socialism if from our own politicians.

... [DBC email posted here for our wider circle of friends]

* Wuhan Flu: Those who seek to hold the Chinese communist government accountable for the lies and cover-up behavior that ignited the pandemic can use this map of China coated with the widely-recognized SARS-CoV-2 virus graphic...

Wuhan flu map